Pelosi: Statesmen or showmen behavior?



A retweet of President Trump's from after the SOTU address

Maddy Licea, Editor in Chief

The government was established to represent its constituents and constitution, not to entertain. The latest State of the Union (SOTU) — along with recent years in politics — have shown nothing but a nation wide reality show. 

While many blame the Republican party for this, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi showed the mocking of statesmanship is a bipartisan effort.

The lack of moderates in the current Congress has created an absence of compromise and action; Pelosi has encouraged this behavior. Rather than listening to the republican party, democrats only pass acts which they agree on. The bills passed by a liberal house go to a conservative senate to die.

Instead of setting an example of leadership and compromise, Pelosi set an embarrassing example when ripping the SOTU speech.

Senior Jackson Mclaughlin was also disappointed in Pelosi’s actions. “It’s a disgrace to act like that with the entire country watching,” he said. “It’s not a good way to represent her party as she is seen as the face of the organization.” 

Pelosi gave the Republican party the ideal opportunity to rise above, but President Trump took a different path. Trump went on Twitter almost immediately after the SOTU to retweet many tweets with the hashtag “Pelosi Tantrum.” Both parties failed to represent statesmanship in the country. 

Junior Alex Thorne was frustrated with the SOTU behavior, “Both parties should have acted more professional, this is the United States of America. Regardless of their opinions, the Republicans and Democrats needed to clean it up,” said Thorne. 

It is embarrassing that those who represent the U.S. are more concerned about their personal agenda and have proven incapable of showing proper professional behavior. 

While the SOTU was full of circus-like behavior, Senator Mitt Romney proved there are still some representatives of the people. Sen. Romney was the only Republican who voted to impeach Trump. Romney voted based off of his interpretation of the evidence, not what his party told him to do — something both parties regularly fail to do. 

Both parties are failing to show basic respect and dignity; it is time for a change.