Google meets go unattended many a time


Ethan Stigler

While some students do attend live meetings, many do not, leaving many meetings empty.

Ethan Stigler, PV Only Editor

With the hybrid learning schedule this year, students are required to stay home on their remote days, so teachers run a google meet during some of their class periods. A google meet is a livestream that students can attend if they want the option to participate in class and ask questions.

Although these meetings are available as a resource to assist during remote days, some students do not attend them, running the risk of being unaware of what they missed that day.

But what benefits can this resource provide students?

Senior Ramya Subramaniam has a lot of experience with Google Meets, as she attends all of her teachers’ meetings. “The live streams are really helpful because it makes me stay focused and have a schedule,” she said. “I am also able to ask questions to my teachers through the chat features so that’s really nice.” 

On the other hand,  senior Zach Ngo does not like attending the google meets. “It makes my schedule more flexible and I can adapt my schedule for my best performance,” he stated. Ngo prefers to work at his own pace, so it is no wonder that he rarely attends these meetings.

Many students have different schedules, so it makes sense that not every student would attend these meetings. Some may prefer to do work at night and others may like to get it done in the morning, not every student likes to work when these meetings are taking place.

Subramaniam wishes online students would join more class discussions. She highly recommends students go to these live meetings, as she believes meetings can help students learn, maintain a good schedule and stay on top of their schoolwork.

Ngo has a slightly different take on the meetings. “I think I’m fine without them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful and needed for other students,” he said. Both students agree  meetings can be very useful for some students, but Ngo does not find them helpful for himself.

Every student may have a preferred form of learning, but these meetings are available if one needs extra help. Allowing students to contact their teachers on their remote days may ease the stress of students not knowing what they miss while they are at home.