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Sanjiv Iyer, Photo Manager
Senior Sanjiv Iyer is always keeping himself busy in and out of school. In school you might find Sanjiv playing tennis or in some of his favorite classes found in the science department. Sanjiv enjoys science greatly and is planning to study Computer Science and Economics when proceeding to the collegiate level. This is partly why you will find Sanjiv involved in robotics in and out of the classroom, whether he is participating in a competition or volunteering time to help younger children learn robotics. Although Sanjiv claims he “does nothing” on the weekends, he is often busy at robotics competitions. When available, however, Sanjiv loves to “spend time with the boys.” Sanjiv certainly finds enjoyment when hanging out with his friends, no matter the location, for it’s “not necessarily about what you’re doing, but who you are doing it with.” While Sanjiv gets along well enough with his family, he might be forced into spending time with them when he isn’t busy.  Iyer’s family consists of his mother, father, and Freshman sister. Sanjiv and his family moved from Detroit, Michigan when he was young, and they’ve lived in Bettendorf ever since.


Sanjiv Iyer, Photo Manager

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