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Chris Cumberbatch
Chris is a senior at Pleasant Valley High School who has just moved to the Quad CIty area after attending school at Langley High School in Washington D.C.. While Chris is tenacious with his studies at school, he also applies that same level of resolve with his past rowing team in DC and now with the Y Quad Cities Rowing Team. With him competing in the Scholastic Rowing Championship last year, Chris hopes that he can continue his success in his final year in High School and maybe even beyond. In his free time, Chris enjoys hanging out with friends at the movies and rooting for the Patriots, Celtics, and other Boston based teams. He hopes that his experience from writing his own book will help him contribute as the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief to the Spartan Shield in his final year of High School.


Chris Cumberbatch, Photo Manager

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Chris Cumberbatch