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Margaret Huang
Margaret Huang is a senior and the Feature Editor for the Spartan Shield Online. In addition to her Shield responsibilities, Huang is an active participant in many extracurricular activities. She was inducted into the National Honor Society in her junior year, and is an active member of Spartan Assembly and Environmental Club. Her talents also extend to music; Huang is a member of the PVHS Wind Symphony and the Full Orchestra, adeptly playing the flute in each. Outside of school, Huang can be found working at Mathnasium or volunteering in the community. In her free time, she enjoys watching TV and collecting fancy pens. She also further explores her creative side, spending time reading and writing. Her post-secondary plans include studying chemistry at an undecided university. Huang’s quick wit and passionate approach to life help make her a valuable member of her community, extracurriculars, and the Spartan Shield Online.

Margaret Huang, Feature Editor

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Margaret Huang