Everyone Has a Story 2017-2018

Chapter 21: Taylor English
Chapter 22: Bailey Sorensen
Chapter 23: Corea Conner
Chapter 24: John McGrath
Chapter 25: Kellen Hornbuckle
Chapter 26: Lauren Steinhart
Chapter 27: Maya Johnson
Chapter 28: Logan Volkert
Chapter 29: Rosemary Jones

Chapter 30: CJ Boone

Alexia Lara, Student Life Editor

Sophmore Christopher Boone, most commonly known as CJ, is all about positive vibes. He strives to live life to the fullest, making each day better than the last. Outside of school, he volunteers at local charities and is a host family for QC River Bandits baseball players during their season. It is safe to say that Boone’s passion lies with the game of baseball. It’s his favorite sport beca...

Chapter 31: Mukul Nair
Chapter 32: Grant Tebbe
Chapter 33: Rachel Hunt
Chapter 34: Noel Pearson
Chapter 35: Olivia Bohren
Chapter 36: Rachel Schwarz

Chapter 37: Braxton Childers

Emma Elceser, Social Media Manager

Braxton Childers is a senior with a great passion: trap shooting, a sport where clay pigeons are released from a trap to be shot at by competitors. Childers shoots trap for the North Scott trap team; here he also shoots skeet and sporting clays. “I love to hunt and shoot,” Childers said when asked what sparked his interest in trap shooting, “so it was a great way to practice hunting and get to ...

Chapter 38: Emma Elceser
Chapter 39: Holyn Doran
Chapter 40: Brendon Hillis

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