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Economic equality has been considered over the years as a perpetuating factor for the possibility of workplace sexual harassment.

What we missed: Wage gap perpetuates sexual harassment

Ella Litchfield, Photo Manager April 16, 2021

Women have been abused since the beginning of time through powers initiated by men. One of these powers is money which places women at a lower status to men through the wage gap. This control is also hypothesized...

Junior Rachel Karzin documents her daily workout at the gym, keeping it a valued routine.

Maintaining an active lifestyle: The benefits of physical fitness prevail

Beth Mooy, Infographic Manager April 15, 2021

Going to the gym for a workout might end up bringing more benefits than simply burning calories. Overtime, people find that participating in physical activity improves not only their physical health but...

Misinformation is easily fed into social media users’ minds due to the quick nature of posting to these platforms.

Misinformation madness: The negative impact of false information spread by social media

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor April 8, 2021

Recently, misinformation has been spreading faster than ever with the growing usage of all social media platforms. This issue poses a threat to intellectual integrity and society’s natural flow of factual...

The United States’s voting laws have evolved to be more inclusive to various groups of people.

Voting in the United States: An unalienable right for all Americans

Sid Sharma, Feature Editor April 7, 2021

Voting is believed to be a sacred right to humanity’s way of governance. The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to grant power to the people to better reflect the unalienable rights of life. While...

Drug and alcohol abuse is not uncommon among teenagers, but it is still an issue that is not well addressed.

Addressing a silent issue: Understanding the severity of drug abuse in teenagers

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor April 7, 2021

Today, it is not uncommon to see drugs as a part of typical teenage culture. Many claim to do it for fun and others use it for stress relief. The normalization of drug use in teenagers has underplayed...

Aimee Peters playing badminton during her prep period to spend more time with her students.

Creating connections one class at a time: Aimee Peters’ impact on PV students

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor April 6, 2021

At Pleasant Valley, Aimee Peters is teaching art and creating lifelong connections with her students. In her classroom, Peters strives to put students first by developing relationships and strong lines...

Senior Ava Satterfield, while attempting to receive a diagnosis, has experienced difficulties due to widespread unfamiliarity with ADHD in females.

Struggling for a diagnosis: The lack of information on ADHD in females

Anna Thorne, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 6, 2021

Forgetfulness, inability to focus and lack of organization are qualities that surround the minds of females with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But often these characteristics go unnoticed...

Congress recently passed an astronomically large relief package for Americans, yet many don’t quite know how they feel about it yet.

Inflation inquiries: Worries about America’s newest stimulus package

Alex Thorne, Business Manager March 31, 2021

Reopening has begun in many states after a year of changes, however others remain locked down. Students are hoping for in-person school, adults are looking for work and everyone wants to stay healthy. In...

As immigration ideas evolve., many migrants are still facing struggles at the border and policies are yet to be introduced on capitol hill.

Immigration ideologies: The evolution of ideas on immigration and their impact on policies

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor March 31, 2021

Immigration has been a major discussion for the past few decades and the constant conversation of ideologies has allowed the issue to evolve. As seen with the current president, Joe Biden, immigration...

Climate change has had an increasingly detrimental effect on the environment and causes our days to be numbered.

The clock is ticking: Understanding the climate pendulum

Ramya Subramaniam, Student Life Editor March 30, 2021

Uri, the Texas snowstorm in February, launched a discussion about whether the earth is undergoing climate change.  Texans experienced a climate pattern they were not used to seeing. Snow covering palm...

Elizabeth Pischke and her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Reyes, established an impactful relationship at a young age, exemplifying the importance of such relationships.

Changing young minds: The influence of a powerful educator

Anna Thorne, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 30, 2021

Teamwork, collaboration and learning to communicate are skills that influence the first interactions students have in schooling. Teachers are some of the most influential people in young childrens’ lives,...

The negative effects of pornography run deep with so many involved in the industry behind the scenes and many more addicted and exposed to it.

The silent killer of love: How pornography has infiltrated society and relationships

Beth Mooy, Infographic Manager March 26, 2021

For decades people have been exposed and addicted to pornography without realizing the harm they are causing to themselves, others in their lives and women thousands of miles away. Porn is a business...

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