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Spartan Shield

A plethora of MCU theory content is available on YouTube as fans want to know whats next.

SPOILERS: Whats Next?: Marvel’s Cinematic Universe opens a Mulitverse of Possibilites

Heath Rice, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 10, 2022

The newest title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), “SpiderMan-No Way Home,” has sparked excitement and new questions for fans all around the globe.  “No Way Home” has opened an infinite...

Spider Man has been played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

How fans’ obsessions can turn toxic

Alyssa Smith, Social Media Manager January 10, 2022

   In a society where so many things are polarized, many find it silly to pit celebrities against each other over trivial things. Unfortunately, debates have been sparked as a result of the release...

Netflix’s “Dont Look Up” is a disaster, from the artificial editing to the overt pretentiousness.

REVIEW: How ‘Don’t Look Up’ missed their own point astronomically

Josie Olderog, Feature Editor January 10, 2022

Behind the facade of a star-studded cast, one of Netflix's newest releases "Don't Look Up" is truly a hot mess. As a satire with political and environmental messages, this movie seemed to be what the world...

Kanye West recruited Drake as the special guest for his Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert.

OPINION: The latest Kanye West and Drake concert was a confusing, yet occasionally rewarding mess

Vinay Joshi, Business Manager December 27, 2021

  Twenty-one-time Grammy Award winner Kanye West took to the LA Coliseum alongside special guest Drake to deliver an electrifying, historic performance on Dec. 9. However, its central message was...

Seeing “The Nutcracker” is a beloved holiday tradition for many families all over the world.

The Nutcracker”: A ballet holiday classic in need of changing racist themes

Harper Clark December 20, 2021

Ever since its creation in 1945, George Balanchine’s version of the holiday ballet classic “The Nutcracker” has graced stages around the world. As times have changed, some of the themes have become...

This is the official poster for the theatrical release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Review: A return to glory “Spider-Man: No Way Home” exceeds high expectations (Spoiler-Free)

Mitchell Wood, Sports Editor December 18, 2021

After endless speculation and anticipation, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” finally swung into theaters on Friday, Dec. 17, setting a post-pandemic record and becoming the second highest opening-day earner...

Come and Get Your Love: Marvels Guardians of The Galaxy Move to Console

“Come and Get Your Love”: Marvel’s “Guardians of The Galaxy” Move to Console

Heath Rice, Arts & Entertainment Editor December 13, 2021

Moving beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Marvel’s “Guardians of The Galaxy” hit all major consoles this October. The game adds a refreshing twist from the third-person action game genre...

Stephen Sondheim is considered the most well respected and influential composer of the later half of the 20th century.

Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim will live on through his decades of work

Harper Clark, Student Life Editor December 13, 2021

One of Broadway’s most beloved composers, Stephen Sondheim, died on Nov. 26 at age 91. Many theatergoers are the first to say that Sondheim is the most influential composer-lyricist of the last half...

John Mulaney recently announced his 2022 tour dates for his comedy show “From Scratch.

John Mulaney’s “From Scratch”: Is it too vulnerable? 

Alyssa Smith, Social Media Manager December 13, 2021

Comedian John Mulaney – known for his time on SNL, various comedy specials and live stand up tours – recently announced a new tour. After a chaotic past year, Mulaney has used his fall from grace to...

One Piece fans finally can enjoy the triumphant 1000th episode of the series.

REVIEW: From Foosha Villiage to Wano: Episode 1000 of “One Piece”

Heath Rice, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 8, 2021

The vast and immersive world of “One Piece” has made another momentous leap. After 17 movies, 100 manga volumes, 56 games and nine arcs, the Strawhats have finally hit episode 1,000 of the anime.   “One...

Harry Styles is one of many artists who has changed their musical genres and styles to reflect their fans’ preferences.

From young prodigies to forgotten stars: The struggle to maintain relevance

Erika Holmberg, Copy Editor December 7, 2021

Earning fame in the music industry is hard, but maintaining that fame is even harder.  Over the years, music tastes and styles have evolved, forcing artists to continually produce new styles and genres...

 “tick, tick… BOOM” was released on Netflix on Nov. 12 and Broadway fans are raving about it.

REVIEW: Jonathan Larson’s legacy lives on in “tick, tick… BOOM!”

Harper Clark, Student Life Editor December 6, 2021

For any musical theatre fan, Jonathan Larson is a familiar name. After his unexpected death in 1996, the world embraced his modern, raw take on the AIDS epidemic through song in the renowned show “RENT.”  Larson’s...

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