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“Our Father” is a Netflix original hit, consistently ranking in Netflix’s top 10 movies of the day.

REVIEW: A look into Netflix’s new documentary: “Our Father”

Sidney Brockmann, Social Media Manager May 25, 2022

The new documentary “Our Father” recently hit Netflix screens and exploded in popularity, making daily appearances in Netflix’s “Top 10 movies of today”. The film has sparked a heavy conversation...

Kendrick Lamar performs Money Trees during the Yeezus tour.

REVIEW: Kendrick Lamar’s new album is what old fans anticipated—and more

Parker Paulson, News Editor May 25, 2022

"I've been going through something," Kendrick Lamar utters as he begins his next debut album: "Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers." "One-thousand eight hundred and fifty-five days, I've been going through...

New tier and ranking point system for the recent ranked season.

REVIEW: Season 13 of apex legends: new legend, updated guns, and a broken ranked system

Vishnu Challa, Site Manager May 24, 2022

Respawn’s Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale, has released their most recent season. With it came bug fixes, legend adjustments and ranked updates, all of which have seemed to surprisingly upset...

A collection of fire albums from spotify.

The inescapable nature of musical artists’ influence

Ryan Vance, Business Manager May 24, 2022

Most people know how movie stars and influencers affect pop culture through their large followings, but the effect musicians have on pop culture is often forgotten. Musicians have the power to influence...

X film star Mia Goth during an interview for the movie Suspiria. (2018)

REVIEW: Mixed signals in A24’s slasher “X” and how femininity frightens

Molly Rawat, Opinion Editor May 22, 2022

Released in select theaters across the United States on March 18. 2022, “X,” A24’s newest horror movie, directed by slow-burn horror filmmaker Ti West, has left unique impressions on its audience.  The...

Harry Styles third album introduces a 80s pop and indie vibe.

REVIEW: “Harry’s House” reveals a unexpected, confident and ultra-pop version of Harry Styles

Makenna Leiby, A&E Editor May 22, 2022

The long-awaited follow-up to Harry Styles’ grammy-nominated “Fine Line” has finally graced streaming platforms, and its lead single “As It Was” set the stage for “Harry’s House,” encapsulating...

TikTok has enabled a new path for users around the world to judge red carpet looks — including those of the 2022 Met Gala.

Reflecting on the 2022 Met Gala: The normalization of critiquing high-end fashion designers and brands

Allisa Pandit, Innovation Manager May 19, 2022

As consumers of media, every user, whether intentional or not, forms quick judgments on a snapshot of another’s life. But when it comes to celebrities, the judgment’s value grows exponentially. High...

Marvel movies can be streamed on Disney+. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be available for viewing this July.

REVIEW: Misinterpretation of the “Multiverse of Madness:” Marvel did it right

Natalie Richmiller, Photo Manager May 19, 2022

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” was released on May 6 and has taken many Marvel fans by surprise. The plot and film work are beyond anything Marvel has done in the past; the movie truly...

Netflix has done an excellent job incorporating foreign media into their streaming services.

From avant-garde to appreciation: Foreign movies struggle to amass praise in the United States

Parker Paulson, News Editor May 19, 2022

When people are asked about their favorite movie, they often say one of the Marvel movies or other Hollywood blockbuster films. However, very rarely does someone suggest a movie created in another country...

Swedish artist Bladee performs at a concert in 2016.

Draining: A unique lifestyle pioneered by music collective Drain Gang

Molly Rawat, Feature Editor May 11, 2022

When one hears the word “drain,” several different ideas may come to mind, such as the process of allowing water to flow out of something or to deprive something of life. But what about one of the...

“It is a greater show of independence to defy societal expectations rather than conform to them, and for many this means dressing how they want to dress rather than how society thinks they should dress.” - Charles Budan

MET with a pleasant surprise: Binary-breaking celebrity looks pave the way for accessible androgynous fashion

Caroline Sierk, Copy Editor May 10, 2022

Fashion can enable anyone to present their most authentic self. Style eras act as time capsules and time machines, reflecting the priorities and identities of people of the period. When 100 years from...

Post-pandemic, the moviegoing experience is forever changed.

Are movie theaters dying?

Jayne Abraham, Editor-in-Chief May 9, 2022

Movie theaters are no longer what they once were. In an era of endless iterations of Netflix and Hulu, our bedrooms have turned into movie theaters, containing much cheaper snacks and fewer unwanted...

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