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CPR is one of the simplest life saving techniques that any one person can learn.

CPR. It’s Easy To Do. It Saves Lives.

Drake Hanson, Photo Manager January 30, 2023

If you were a student at PVJH during your seventh grade year, you were required to learn CPR by the health teachers. Professionals, including doctors, nurses, and medics, all have to be recertified on...

As Republican-led states around the nation place bans on classroom subjects and discussion topics, the integrity of the American education system continues to plummet.

A political playground: The deterioration of America’s education

Leila Assadi, Lead Editor January 30, 2023

The College Board recently introduced a new Advanced Placement course on African American studies, addressing history, civil rights, politics, literature, art and geography. It is to become the first AP...

The growing trend of the “study aesthetic” has attracted students with its idealistic approach to academics, revealing its flaw as an impractical standard for study culture.

Glamorizing Studying Creates Unrealistic Expectations for Students

Cheyenne Meeks , Arts & Entertainment Editor January 24, 2023

Trends in study aesthetics have made their move on social media platforms and apps like Pinterest, reflecting a collective desire to motivate oneself to get work done. But is this the most productive approach...

Within several Nepali traditions, all kinds of celebrations are used involving astrology. Shown above is the holiday Dashian.

The cultural appropriation of astrology

Caity Burke, Social media manager January 12, 2023

With the rise of new fashion, music, and trends, today's generations are reinventing themselves, and what’s considered to be “popular”. With an increase in new interests, astrology has found itself...

Seniors Aaron Trelstad and Jacob Mumey prepare for finals in study hall the Monday before.

Stress of finals taking effect

Daniel Zietlow, Sports editor January 11, 2023

Finals: every students’ greatest fear. At the end of each semester, classes are supposed to give a final test, accounting for anywhere from 10% to 20% of a student’s grade, over the course’s curriculum....

An issue of the Bitcoin Magazine displaying El Salvadors President, Nayib Bukele, who was the first to declare Bitcoin legal tender.

Bitcoin: Digital Gold

Isaiah Steele, Site manager January 11, 2023

In a world constantly being changed by technology, more and more things are being replaced by digital versions. Technology has even reached the level of producing writing convincing enough to replicate...

Junior Rupika Jai Ganesh and her friend at the 2022 Diwali event at Moline High School.

Cultural assimilation: How there is a large pressure to fit in

Rupika Jai Ganesh, Feature Editor January 10, 2023

The United States census bureau states that the largest racial demographic group in Bettendorf, Iowa was White people, making up 86.2% of the population. Asians, the second largest demographic, make...

New Years’ Bingo cards are filled out for the year 2023.

How negativity sweeps the new year

Karin Fowler, Sports Editor January 10, 2023

As people count down the final seconds before the new year, many emotions are brought up in  anticipation for the year to come, but are we anticipating the wrong things?.The newest trends with the new...

Nationwide, 1 in 4 Americans live in HOA communities. These areas are less diverse and continue to discriminate against prospective minority homeowners.

Homeowners associations reflect systemic racism

Leila Assadi, Opinion editor January 10, 2023

In light of the recent Maryland couple who sued their homeowners association (HOA) over the right to grow native plants in their yard, many have begun to question the authority and rectitude of HOAs.  Despite...

This image was produced by DALL-E 2 by inputting AI’s Role in Enhancing Human Creativity: A Continuing Debate.

AI’s Role in Enhancing Human Creativity: A Continuing Debate

Kushi Maridu, Gretchen Highberger, and Isaiah Steele January 10, 2023

Isaiah Steele, Site Manager Throughout history, technology has turned life on its head. The printing press made monks irrelevant for producing written media, the Model-T took horses from an asset...

Blake Corum had an outstanding 2022 season. Corum finished 7th in Heisman voting.

Courtesy of Maize & Blue Nation, Wikipedia Commons

Heisman trophy requirements need to be changed

Oskar Barudin, News editor December 23, 2022

Every year, a new college athlete shines in the spotlight. During colleges’ months of in-season games, players look to excel past their competition in hopes of earning the biggest award in college football:...

Luxury brands, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, have a history of claiming ignorance after receiving backlash for controversial actions.

Balenciaga: The latest offender of a larger problem

Leila Assadi, Opinion editor December 13, 2022

In November, Balenciaga, a multi-billion dollar French luxury brand, released an appalling ad featuring young children holding a large Balenciaga bag that is a teddy bear dressed in a stud collar, harness...

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