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Legislation in Iowa is hindering society and students’ education and should follow Illinois’ choice to promote inclusivity, instead of preventing it.

Preventing progress: Students held back by Iowa bill banning inclusivity education

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor April 30, 2021

Within two months of each other, legislators passed bills in the states of Iowa and Illinois. One advances students’ knowledge of America’s recent history, but the other blocks curriculum from students...

“Voter suppression in America has become more prevalent after the 2020 elections, yet is left unaddressed.”

The decline of democracy: How voter suppression harms the nation

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor April 28, 2021

The 2020 election caused significant turmoil and tension in America, with each party defending their beliefs on the validity of the election. Many Republicans believe election fraud led to President Joe...

The implications of the SAFE Act in Arkansas will be felt by the transgender community and their allies greatly as the bigotry against the LBGTQ+ community worsens.

A fight for transgender rights: Arkansas passes the SAFE Act

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor April 28, 2021

Identity is a crucial part of everyone’s life. Various things we are composed of make up our identity; it is who we are. Protecting that identity is important for many, and health care is one way to...

Ella Hurst wears an outfit which she feels comfortable and happy in.

Dress code controversy: Backlash at the junior high

Beth Mooy, Info graphic Manager April 27, 2021

Over the past few decades, numerous court cases have decided the standard for how students should dress in schools. Recently, students at Pleasant Valley Junior High (PVJH) protested the dress code in...

After spending a year masked up, not being able to attend sporting events and record low college acceptance rates, did the class of 2020 really have it worse than 2021?

‘20 vs. ‘21: Who really had it worse?

Alex Thorne, Business Manager April 26, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic began last march, the education system went into a frenzy. Schools went online, cancelled sports and put events like prom and graduation on hold. This caused an outpour of...

As the United States is entering the final stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine refusal is the newest obstacle that needs to be overcome before returning to normal.

Vaccine refusal: What will prevent the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor April 23, 2021

Bodily autonomy is an important right to the American people, even when that autonomy can endanger others. However, it is important that most Americans make the conscientious decision to get the vaccine...

Parents of North Scott High School students were outraged after a dual-enrollment teacher assigned an assignment to students the

The view from the Valley: When parental interest becomes intense interference

Ingrid Hofmann, Editor in Chief April 23, 2021

Junior and senior students at North Scott High School (NSHS) in Eldridge, Iowa have banded together in support of their teachers after the teachers were met with backlash from parents over a writing assignment...

As many people begin getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, pausing to individually evaluate the situation is necessary.

The COVID-19 vaccine’s flaws untold by the media: What you should consider before getting the vaccine

Beth Mooy, Info Graphic Manager April 22, 2021

People from across the political spectrum began getting vaccinated shortly after the vaccine was created. But it is of vital importance to, at the very least, be skeptical of the vaccine’s reliability...

Many students join fraternities and sororities in college to meet friends. Unfortunately for some, entrance into the organizations may come at a great cost.

The harms of hazing: The lesser talked about side of Greek Life

Alex Thorne, Business Manager April 13, 2021

Fraternities and sororities are a great way to connect college freshmen with new friends. Success in intramurals sports, community outreach and philanthropy work are often celebrated by the organizations. In...

As the new gun law in Iowa becomes effective, the safety of the community is at risk and should be of utmost concern.

The people’s protection?: New Iowa gun law passed creates great concern for safety

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor April 13, 2021

Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill on April 2 that allows the purchasing and carrying of firearms without any type of license in the state of Iowa. This bill will become effective on July 1 and allow...

Difficult conversations about race can become invalidating for students, but students can work together to have progress-oriented conversations.

Conversations about race can be difficult, but students have the power to change it

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor April 9, 2021

Progress cannot be made through silence; it requires conversations. But, what if those conversations are invalidating and do not promote growth?  For many minority students, holding a conversation...

The political unrest at a Trump rally where police were called to manage the crowd.

Political polarization: The tension between Republicans and Democrats

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor April 6, 2021

As politics have become increasingly polarized in recent years, Republicans and Democrats have harsh feelings towards each other. Emotion has flooded the political playing field as the feud between parties...

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