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Young girls need empowering literature to overcome societal insecurities often stifled on women.

Struggling through stereotypes: Young girls unsuccessfully search for empowering literature

Anagha Sudhindra, Copy Editor May 25, 2022

Exposing children to empowering literature from a young age is essential to building strong and confident minds among today’s youth. Children’s literature has incorporated many important motifs about...

Through her work as an actress and young role model, Yasmin Finney is creating safe transgender representation in Hollywood.

Actress Yasmin Finney leads a new generation of trans equity in Hollywood

Caroline Sierk, Copy Editor May 24, 2022

Breakout actress Yasmin Finney made her debut in overnight Netflix sensation “Heartstopper” based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman. Within only a month of the series’s premiere, Finney has established...

Popeyes new buffalo ranch chicken sandwich

Popeyes introduces new competitor into Chicken sandwich wars with New Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich

Carson Knebel, Student Life Editor May 24, 2022

In 2019, Popeyes started the chicken sandwich wars with their addition of the chicken sandwich to their menu. When Popeyes first released their chicken sandwich three years ago, it sold out in just two...

The Tops supermarket – the location of the shooting – as of February 2022.

In the wake of Buffalo shooting, semantics is more important than ever 

Molly Rawat, Feature Editor May 24, 2022

On May 14, 2022, 10 Black people were shot and killed in a racially motivated attack at a supermarket in Buffalo, N.Y., and several others were injured. This massacre was a hate crime and an act of domestic...

Though the workload for teens increases daily, many find themselves unable to truly focus on their work. Easily accessible distractions, such as smartphones and the internet, are key factors in foiling productivity.

Teens must sober up from latest form of global addiction: the Internet

Anagha Sudhindra, Copy Editor May 23, 2022

Society normalized a new style of living for teenagers in the past decade; a heightened emphasis on competition and excellence is now expected from all teens to ensure a successful future. This includes...

Pictured above is the Abraham family.

My farewell to PV

Jayne Abraham, Editor-in-Chief May 23, 2022

Dear PV, Thank you, and goodbye.  Since first grade, I have been a student in this district. Coming from Canada at just 6 years old, I knew what made me different before I knew how to tell time....

In the month of May, Netflix share price dropped 50% from their policy changes with pricing and user accounts

Perpetual decrease in consumer satisfaction

Vishnu Challa, Site Manager May 23, 2022

At the beginning of the 21st century, consumerism grew with the rise of technology. Computer software was a booming industry and companies took advantage of this growth by moving as many products as they...

Variety in modern computer games has decreased a lot compared to old-school arcades

Originality in video games

Vishnu Challa, Site Manager May 23, 2022

The video game industry has been on a steady incline for the past two decades. Companies have been consistently pushing out games with breakthrough graphics for the time they are released in, but like...

The Kardashian-Jenner family is known for throwing over-the-top events that require hyperconsumption.

Overpriced and unnecessary: Celebrity’s tendency to hyperconsume

Makenna Leiby, A&E Editor May 18, 2022

All of us are prone to a little unnecessary consumption -- picking up something at the grocery store we probably do not need or taking home a shirt we know we will not wear but just looked so cute. However...

New bill will require drunk drivers to pay for child support if parents are harmed in the crash.

Dangerous and avoidable: Tennessee pushes for harsher punishments with drunk driving

Bryce Rubel, Multimedia Manager May 12, 2022

On April 22, the state of Tennessee proposed a life-changing bill to those that have been affected by drunk driving or may be in the future.  Tenneesse will be the first state to pass a bill that requires...

Senior Ava Hahn watches a Shein haul via TikTok.

The toxic culture of shopping hauls

Sidney Brockmann, Social Media Manager May 11, 2022

Youtube headlines from influencers titled “$1000 haul” stand out to vulnerable consumers. In these hauls, these creators – typically women – share items they recently bought. Haulers talk about...

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