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Ethan Crumbley’s parents face charges after Michigan school shooting.

Rethinking Responsibility: Why Parents Aren’t Always to Blame for Juvenile Delinquency

Ameya Menon, PV Only Editor May 22, 2024

Even with crime rates decreasing in number, the amount of juvenile delinquencies remains high in the United States compared to other countries. With approximately 423,077 cases involving children each...

The four-day school week is an idea that has recently gained more traction in the United States but there are downsides that some fail to consider.

Shortened school weeks: The risks with four-day school scheduling

Jaydon Kachappily, Photo Manager May 20, 2024

The four-day workweek has been a widely popular alternative to the current system that many people have fought for the implementation of in America. Similarly, the four day school week has been fought...

The use of bill grouping is a purposeful attempt at hiding the truth and obfuscating what a bill truly entails.

The hidden truth? Examining the legitimacy of bill grouping methods

Jaydon Kachappily, Photo Manager May 20, 2024

Bill grouping or bundling is a strategy used by members of Congress to pass multiple issues from different topics in one bill. This is most maliciously used when the added content would be much more controversial...

Gen Z thinking about why they shouldnt go out.

Gen Z: More than meets the eye-breaking the “boring stereotype”

Abby Moroney, Business Manager May 17, 2024

Gen Z has been labeled as the “boring generation.” Older generations tend to stereotype Gen Z as lacking intelligence, self-control and ability to have fun, while simultaneously calling them lazy,...

Online shopping draws in students to buy more with ease.

The illusion of necessity: How social media shapes college spending habits

Katelyn Morris, A&E Editor May 14, 2024

The illusion of necessity: How social media shapes college spending habits A young adult’s world is shaped by social media. These platforms wield a significant influence over many people’s lives,...

Suicide prevention lessons are not integrated into classes not meant for the topic.

Reactive not Proactive: Schools Fail to Respectfully Approach Suicide Prevention

Muskan Mehta, Social Media Manager May 2, 2024

Emergency drills are mandatory in every school, from taking cover in designated storm-safe classrooms to getting to an exit in case of a fire. Schools are equipped with preemptive, detailed plans for countless...

Canadian Pacific Train passing through Davenport

Challenges arise in Davenport amidst train company merger

Abby Moroney, Business Manager May 2, 2024

Train companies Canadian Pacific (CP) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) have formed a merger to become Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC). It will be the first single-line railway connecting the U.S., Mexico...

Celebrity infatuation has only grown within the last decade

Chasing shadows: Obsession with celebrities breeds disconnection from reality

Muskan Mehta, Social Media Manager May 2, 2024

“Sydney Sweeney Wore Angelina Jolie’s 2004 Oscars Dress to the Vanity Fair Party,” or “Harry Styles enjoys a stroll in the sunshine with a pal in New York after ex-bandmate Zayn Malik released...

The dating landscape has changed, especially for young teens who are surrounded by the internet.

Modern Romance: Media pushes unrealistic expectations in relationships

Muskan Mehta and Katie Haas May 2, 2024

While browsing through Netflix, it is practically unavoidable to stumble across an idyllic romance movie or television show. Whether it be the coincidental first encounter of romantic partners, the humorous...

Consumers are paying over $600 for tattered-looking shoes during a new fashion trend called poverty chic. These Pleasant Valley student-owned Golden Goose shoes came with a price tag of $595.

Playing Poor: Designer brands are embracing ‘poverty chic’ in place of authenticity

Ayah Alsheikha April 23, 2024

Upon first glance, the dingy, duct-taped shoes in the window of the department store certainly seem to  be out of place.  That is, until one sees their hefty price tag of over $600 glaring blatantly...

Senior Brie Howell worked with senior Celia Brown to create a set of pins meant to promote feminism and empower girls.

Yes, she can be president: Casual misogyny hijacks senior tradition

Jae Jepsen, Editor in Chief April 22, 2024

The gender wage gap is smaller than ever in recorded history. The NCAA women’s championship set a basketball viewership record unseen in women’s athletics. More women than men are attending college...

Formalwear poses a great financial burden for some.

Formalwear frustrations: PV falls short with affordable school dance clothing options

Katelyn Morris, A&E Editor April 22, 2024

Dances are a fundamental part of the modern high school experience. They are represented in pop culture through songs, musicals and movies. However, the costs of attending a dance can add up, especially...

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