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As many people begin getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, pausing to individually evaluate the situation is necessary.

The COVID-19 vaccine’s flaws untold by the media: What you should consider before getting the vaccine

Beth Mooy, Infographic manager May 25, 2021

People from across the political spectrum began getting vaccinated shortly after the vaccine was created. But it is of vital importance to, at the very least, be skeptical of the vaccine’s reliability...

Senior, Anna Thorne visits Purdue University while still being required to wear a mask on campus.

An overdue reopening: The push to get students back at college

Seth Clausen, Photo Manager May 25, 2021

College, the best four years of your life. For many Americans this is true, however for those locked in their dorm rooms doing zoom classes, the statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  Getting...

A Feminist Movement: Why body positivity is necessary for equality

Ella Litchfield, Photo Manager May 24, 2021

In the battle of equality, body positivity has assisted feminism in the fight to remove the male gaze that perpetuates an unrealistic beauty standard. For so long, society has looked down on certain body...

Prom and RAP had a completely different look this year. Upperclassmen share some of their highlights of this year's event compared to past dances.

Masks On, Party On: how COVID-19 changed prom

Ella Litchfield, Photo Manager May 24, 2021

Prom is a staple event for any high school upperclassman. While this year’s dance was initially unlikely to occur, it was an exciting and monumental night for the attendees. This also gave students who...

Going against experts advice, Kim Reynolds revokes schools' ability to enforce mask-wearing with only a few weeks of school remaining for the year.

Revoking Responsibility: new Iowa bill passed forces schools to no longer enforce masks

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor May 24, 2021

The safety of schools, counties, and cities are now put into jeopardy due to the recent bill signed into law by Kim Reynolds, banning the enforcement of masks. While still in the midst of the COVID-19...

People flood the streets to protest in the 2017 Women’s March in Chicago, Ill.

Phony feminism: Why men cannot be called feminists

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor May 24, 2021

The main goal of feminism is to diminish the discrimination that women deal with because of their sex. Not every woman is a feminist, and certainly not every man considers themselves a feminist. But some...

The flag of the District of Columbia as it hopes to become a state.

A new state?: Why DC statehood is imperative

Lauren Guinn, Opinion Editor May 24, 2021

50 States. Something that seems so normal and immutable could be subject to change soon, as the House of Representatives passed a bill last month that would make the District of Columbia the 51st state. This...

The pink tax is an unconscious tax put on products that are marketed towards women. Companies make these products more expensive and subject women to another form of common misogyny and oppression

The pink tax: Misogyny within the shelves

Lauren Guinn, Opinion Editor May 24, 2021

The pink tax: the extra amount of money women pay for specific products or services, can also be called price discrinmation or gender-pricing.  If one were to walk in the store today they would find...

After the verdict of the Derek Chauvin case many had opinions on whether or not justice was served and what this means going forward.

Unjust Justice: The Derek Chauvin trial explained

Lauren Guinn, Opinion Editor May 24, 2021

The world stopped in May 2020 when bystander footage was released of George Floyd struggling to breathe. Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck until he was unconscious and eventually died.  This...

The motto of the Pleasant Valley Community School Districts can be doing more  harm then good for PV students.

Step it up PV: Pleasant Valley Community School district’s motto isn’t helping

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor May 24, 2021

Pleasant Valley Community School District:  The school that strives for excellence around every corner. They tell the students to strive for less than five days missed, strive to have a 4.0 grade average...

A famous Pleasant Valley logo where students and staff are committed to excellence.

Pushing students: Pleasant Valley’s model for excellence creates higher academic achievements for students

Alex Clemons, Sports Editor May 24, 2021

Pleasant Valley’s motto of committed to excellence challenges students to achieve higher academic success. This higher academic success looks better when students try to apply to colleges.  One of...

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