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One of the PV upperclassman parking lots the morning of Feb. 25.

Stay in your lane: Underclassmen parking in senior lots

Alex Clemons, Sports Editor March 2, 2021

Since the return to 100 percent in-person learning, underclassmen have been parking in the upperclassmen parking lots at an outstanding rate.  As freshmen, the current seniors were not able to have...

5th period study hall has over 80 students, many of them being seniors.

Is PV wasting seniors’ time?

Paris Fietsam, Social Media Manager March 2, 2021

With the 100 percent in-person learning model being introduced only a few weeks before the return, the PV staff and administration had little time to create schedules for students.  This quick turnaround...

In January 2020, senior Ramya Subramaniam advocated for education legislation in Washington DC. She talked with the staff of Senator Joni Ernst, Senator Chuck Grassley and former Representative Dave Loebsack.

Assuring accountability: Why it matters to hold politicians responsible

Ramya Subramaniam, Student Life Editor March 2, 2021

With new Congressional representatives taking office just over a month ago, people are looking forward to seeing what actions they will take.  What most citizens fail to realize is they still have...

The lack of diversity in the media has become a pressing issue as children feel underrepresented.

A diversity deficit: The implications of lack of representation in entertainment on youth

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor March 2, 2021

When a young child watches their favorite movie or TV show, seeing characters that look like them is extremely impactful. That moment of representation goes a long way for children’s self esteem.  For...

Statistics on the current rise in anti-Asian-American violence due to biased opinions from COVID-19.

COVID’s latest victims: Asian American racism drastically rises

Lauren Guinn, Opinion Editor February 28, 2021

Despite society claiming it strives for inclusivity and acceptance of all, COVID-19 has revealed the prejudice and discrimination it has against Asian Americans which has been hidden from plain sight for...

One senior, Ani Pradeep, prepares for the ACT with a practice test.

Why are we still taking Iowa Assessments this year?

Sid Sharma, Feature Editor February 23, 2021

Iowa Assessments are set to take place at PVHS on March 22. The standardized tests are administered by school districts across the state of Iowa to determine student placement and are used to provide local...

Influencers like Tik Tok star Charli D’amelio have been facing backlash for their disregard for COVID regulations.

All eyes on them: How influencers are impacting the future of the pandemic

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor February 18, 2021

With both influencers and regular people disregarding the pandemic guidelines, many have opinions on the standards that prominent figures should be held to regarding their actions. It is important to...

In its 89th session of General Assembly, the Iowa General Assembly has introduced and/or passed several pieces of legislation regarding Iowa public schools which has done more harm than good.

More harmful than helpful: Iowa education legislation hurts public schools

Ingrid Hofmann, Editor in Chief February 18, 2021

While many states are focused on proposing bills and passing legislation that aims to improve public education curriculums and facilities, the state of Iowa’s General Assembly has taken the opposite...

Teens often search for approval in anyone but themselves, but  only find true confidence when they stop and focus on who they alone want to be.

Looking within when without: Finding love in yourself rather than others

Beth Mooy, Infographic Manager February 14, 2021

In today’s day and age, so many teenagers and young adults struggle with their body image and others’ perception of them. So many believe that feeling comfortable in their body is the only way to be...

PV seniors, friends for 6 years, Katie, Mariana, Anna, Ella and Paulina join together at a football game.

Why relationships in high school matter

Corea Conner, Photo Manager January 18, 2021

Whether it is a quality relationship or a troubled one, the relationships created in high school are important. Throughout the high school years, teens are told their high school relationships will not...

In retaliation of election results, a mob of Trump supporters storms the United States Capitol on Jan. 6.

A tale of two Americas: The attack on Capitol Hill

Jayne Abraham, Staff Contributor January 16, 2021

With the end of 2020, a year filled with strife on many fronts, Americans were hopeful that 2021 would be the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. However, a mere week into the new year, tens of...

2021 did not even make it a week before the unity of our nation was tested. Going into a new year and new presidency,  we need to work together to become better.

Insurrection needs correction: Holding the capitol rioters accountable

Elizabeth Pischke, Copy Editor January 13, 2021

At merely six days old, 2021 had no trouble making room for itself in the history books. The day’s political events quickly turned south making for one of the darkest days in recent American history. On...

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