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The student news site of Pleasant Valley High School

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Recount board members Arun Pillutla, Mark Smith and Cyndi Diercks were responsible for determining the result of the District 6 election. Photo credit to Arun Pillutla

Mishandled election recount leaves school board position undecided

Jae Jepsen, Editor in Chief December 3, 2023

After Pleasant Valley’s November school board election resulted in all but one incumbent winning, it seemed to most that the tension within the district would resolve itself. But behind the scenes, a...

The Supreme Court moves towards a code of ethics to determine what is allowed in the Supreme Court.

Supreme court code of ethics highlights importance of accountability

Tyler Nels, Overflow Editor November 29, 2023

Many ethical frameworks follow integrity, the act of doing the right thing even when no one is watching. The Supreme Court is now revamping their ethics to achieve a higher level of integrity. On Nov....

AI devices face regulation orders due to threats of privacy and information.

Biden Administration passes new regulations to ensure safety of AI

Nikhil Namshamgari, Copy Editor November 29, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently been a rapidly growing concept that many speculate could be the future of technology. With the introduction of AI giant OpenAI’s “ChatGPT,” the safety of...

The new Lithium well will reduce carbon emissions and has the potential to supply battery for millions of electric vehicles

Revolutionary lithium well in Arkansas paves way for sustainable energy future

Shivam Patel, Site Manager November 29, 2023

Continuous burning of fossil fuels, environmental pollution, and harsh tactics used to obtain natural resources may lead to a self-inflicted extinction of the human race. This is why the United States...

Public libraries are meant to be a safe place for all. However, following recent trends, the Bettendorf Public Library was targeted with bomb threats.

Library bomb threats indicate nationwide challenges against intellectual freedom

Laura Chen, Feature Editor November 29, 2023

Following a year with an unprecedented number of book bans, action against libraries in the U.S. has only increased. Individuals have begun issuing bomb threats to libraries across the nation, causing...

A water passage is pictured filled with garbage, particularly plastic, which is known to leave traces of PFAs after prolonged submersal. Photo credit to Nicolas Raymond.

First-world country, third-world water: The urgent crisis of America’s dilapidated water systems

Ayah Alsheikha, Lead Editor November 28, 2023

In Nebraska, farmer James Osborn shocked the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Committee at a 2014 public hearing when he asked the board of executives to drink brown, murky contaminated water produced...

Global temperatures have been on the rise since the industrial revolution

Earth approaches climate tipping point: Crossing 1.5°C limit

Shivam Patel, Site Manager November 18, 2023

Climate change is a growing concern across the world, but recent studies indicate Earth is reaching a point of no return. In 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement was signed by the 196 parties at the UN...

Constituents gather on Tuesday to await election results. Photo credit to Nikhil Wagle for PV School Board on Facebook.

Pleasant Valley school board election results reveal community priorities

Jae Jepsen, Editor-in-Chief November 13, 2023

Pleasant Valley’s critical school board election on Nov. 7 resulted in a nearly uniform outcome. District 3’s incumbent Nikhil Wagle defeated Peter Olsen, incumbent Molly Brockmann took District...

The crescent blood cell shape resulting from sickle cell anemia has caused a blood clot, which can potentially lead to a stroke.

Breakthrough in gene-editing offers hope for sickle cell anemia cure

Shivam Patel, Site Manager November 9, 2023

Humans are constantly making strides in the field of medicine and have now made a recent breakthrough in gene editing technology that is awaiting FDA approval. This ground-breaking technology has the potential...

 Local boat marina in Cape Coral, Fla. undergoes extreme destruction from Hurricane Ian. The boat marina took several months and great amounts of money to rebuild. Photo credit to Mindy Gamm.

Florida towns and islands still recover from Hurricane Ian

Hannah McVey, Business Manager November 9, 2023

Hurricanes are some of the most tragic natural disasters a community can undergo. The news is always updated on the latest hurricanes, how severe they are and the damage inflicted. The hurricane’s effects...

Senior Nathan Musal is among many farmers in the state of Iowa that might benefit from House File 317.

New Iowa law creates conflict over adjusted open season for ‘nuisance animals’

Armaan Bhagwat, Photo Manager November 6, 2023

Crop destruction has plagued agriculture over the past decade, and the state of Iowa attempts to eliminate one factor of it with a new law. While many farmers praise the law’s intentions, other people...

The school board’s public forum was held at Scott Community College’s Belmont Campus, and brought up a number of district and community issues.

PV community gathers for pivotal conversations at pre-election school board forum

Jae Jepsen, Editor-in-Chief November 3, 2023

Candidates and constituents gathered at Scott Community College’s Belmont Campus last Wednesday for a public forum surrounding the upcoming Pleasant Valley school board election  in an evening of civil...

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