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Spartan Shield

The student news site of Pleasant Valley High School

Spartan Shield

The student news site of Pleasant Valley High School

Spartan Shield

Pleasant Valley’s 14 National Merit semifinalists from the class of 2022 pose for a photo in front of Pleasant Valley High School.

Pleasant Valley’s class of 2022 overcomes National Merit hardships with the most semifinalists in school history

Jillian Keppy, P.V. Only Editor October 12, 2021

The National Merit Semifinalist title is one of the highest achievements that can be earned by high school students. This year, PV is proud to have the most students to earn this title in school history. In...

The Lightning connector (left) could soon be obsolete and replaced by USB-C (right) in the next few years if the European Commission’s new proposal to standardize charger ports is passed as law.

Europe mandates standardized phone chargers: Why should I care?

Mukul Kulkarni, Copy Editor October 12, 2021

The European Commission (EC) released plans on Sept. 23 to mandate all cameras, headphones, tablets, portable speakers and video game consoles to have a common USB-C port for charging. Although this decision...

Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram underwent two massive outages less than five days apart, worsening a string of poor PR following blistering remarks from an internal whistle-blower.

Facebook finds itself more vulnerable than ever after a nightmare-ish week

Vinay Joshi, business manager October 12, 2021

  After a searing “60 Minutes” exposé with an internal whistle-blower, Facebook and its subsidiaries suffered two major outages in one week, further tarnishing the social media behemoth’s...

European Union representative Joseph Fontelles of foreign affairs and security policy acted on the decision to withdraw the U.S.’s travel to Europe.

The U.S. faces European travel restrictions for nonessential travel

Isa Burkhart, News Section Editor October 10, 2021

As the COVID-19 cases in the U.S. remain high, the European Union advised its countries to ban nonessential travelers from the U.S. As of Sept. 29, 2021, the U.S. led the world charts with a shocking...

Cody Elementary school nurse Rachael Mann and many other school nurses will be able to ease their concerns knowing their younger students will have the opportunity to get vaccinated.

Access to the younger population: A potential COVID-19 vaccine for ages 5 to 11 will soon expand the age range for vaccination

Mukul Kulkarni, Copy Editor October 4, 2021

Pfizer and BioNTech recently submitted their data for 5 to 11-year-olds to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Sept. 28, 2021. Although Pfizer and BioTech have not requested for emergency-use authorization...

A photo of Rahila Amany, an Afghan refugee from Kabul, and her family. She has four grandchildren who attend PV and a scholarship for her loving nature.

Starting again: Iowa brings promise and safety to hundreds of refugees

Alex Hunter, Copy Editor September 27, 2021

As a result of a ruthless Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden’s recent proposal has resulted in a plan for 37,000 Afghan refugees to enter the United States in the coming weeks; 700...

In September, Pleasant Valley High School was recognized as one of the Nation’s Blue Ribbon Schools.

PV students and staff are commended for their ability to power through adversity

Chloe Isbell, Photo Manager September 27, 2021

Pleasant Valley High School was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School on Sept. 21. The National Blue Ribbon School Award has been around since 1982. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge...

The COVID-19 pandemic has a huge impact on school and its food service.

Pleasant Valley faces a food shortage as a resounding effect of the pandemic

Kushi Maridu, Site Manager September 21, 2021

As the PVHS school year starts up again, the school faces multiple food shortages due to transportation issues.  On Sept. 15, 2021, senior Anna Penniston was denied lunch due to a food shortage within...

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds makes the decision to appeal the case ruling that stopped the enforcement of her mask mandate ban.

Reynold’s mask mandate ban under review: What’s next for PV?

Isa Burkhart, News Section Editor September 21, 2021

Recent court rulings concerning Kim Reynolds’s previous mask mandate ban in school districts have brought new options for masking to Iowan schools. On Sept. 13, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Pratt...

One of many thing that will be available to students at RAP is the High 5 Arcade at the TBK Sports Complex

PV’s after prom: Plans for RAP prom 2021

Seth Clausen, Copy Editor May 24, 2021

Paired with the actual prom dance, there always comes a school party after. This gathering is known as RAP, or right after prom. During this event, students gather to see each other and have fun until...

Junior Claire Horsfield receives the Pfizer vaccine at the Genesis clinic.

Accessible for all: Younger adolescents can receive the vaccine, and PV announces vaccine clinic

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor May 24, 2021

After almost a year of COVID-19, the development of the vaccine has been a relief to many. Initially the spread of the vaccine was limited, only reaching medical personnel and the elderly. Now the vaccine...

As vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic are being continuously researched, many experts have shared their concerns about the post-covid world.

Moving past the pandemic?: Experts reveal information about the lack of herd immunity

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor May 24, 2021

United States experts are now stating that herd immunity will either be unachievable or extremely difficult to reach. This is due to the new discoveries made by scientists in the past few months. The...

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