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An alien door found on mars leaves many wondering if extraterrestrial life is out there.

Alien Door found on Mars: could extraterrestrial life be out there somewhere?

Carson Knebel, Student Life Editor May 24, 2022

Over the last couple of weeks, the internet has lost their minds over what looks to be a doorway cut into a cliff on Mars. It was discovered, and the images were captured by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover.  The...

As Iowa approaches Novembers election, new PV voters are finally able to exercise their right to vote.

Calling on new voters: What you need to know about the 2022 Iowa candidates for U.S. Senate

Allisa Pandit, Innovation Manager May 24, 2022

No matter one’s political affiliations, election season allows Americans to enact their right to vote. For seniors at PV, the upcoming November election season allows 18 year olds to participate in their...

Bison are the largest mammals in North America and are traditionally. considered a keystone species in the Midwest and Great Plains ecosystems. However, their near-extinction has left these ecosystems vulnerable.

Bison Bridge Foundation aims to transform aging interstate bridge

Keval Wagher, Copy Editor May 24, 2022

A new project envisions a pedestrian and wildlife bridge crossing the Mississippi River – and the infrastructure necessary for the concept is already here.  According to the U.S. Department of Transportation...

Inflation is a factor of increased gas prices many have noticed and are discussing.

Harmful or harmless: How inflation affects Americans

Sidney Brockmann, Social Media Manager May 24, 2022

It is no secret that inflation has been on the rise the last couple of months, causing worry in the minds of many Americans as they watch the prices of everyday essentials increase.  Recently, Americans...

Starbucks workers protest outside of a store in Tallahassee.

Workers at companies at Amazon, Apple and Starbucks are unionizing 

Molly Rawat, Feature Editor May 24, 2022

Labor unions have existed in America since its inception, reflecting the rights colonists valued when they separated from a tyrannical British government. As long as labor and management exist, so will...

The first Rivian R1T rolls off production lines in September, 2021. Since then, product shortages have made Rivian’s manufacturing process increasingly difficult.

Rivian’s ambitious goals for sustainable electric vehicles foiled by global part shortages

Anagha Sudhindra, Copy Editor May 22, 2022

As the world further descends into a state of environmental crisis, major corporations are attempting to find alternatives to their carbon-emitting, pollution-dumping processes. Rivian Automotive Inc.,...

Inside of NVIDIA GPU where firmware like the kernel is stored

NVIDIA open sources their GPU kernel

Vishnu Challa, Site Manager May 22, 2022

Many companies protect their intellectual property to maintain their name as a brand and ensure others will not use their products. However, for software, exceptions can be made since written code is often...

Password managers are often used to store multiple login credentials, proving the inefficiency of passwords

Password obsolescence for online authentication

Vishnu Challa, Site Manager May 22, 2022

The cybersecurity industry has grown the last two decades not just because of the surge of online attacks, but because of the rapid innovation of technology. To combat the newer changes, programmers need...

Many interviewers will sit next to an interview watching them code a solution

Job markets for computer science careers

Vishnu Challa, Site Manager May 22, 2022

Today’s job markets are often predictable in their hiring patterns. They require background checks on education, past employment and current skill sets applicable to the job. Although none of this differs...

Many students desire more uniform late policies, while teachers appreciate having discretion when it comes to deadlines they put in place.

Future of late policies is uncertain at PVHS

Jayne Abraham, Editor-in-Chief May 18, 2022

In a post-pandemic academic landscape, perceptions of school norms are shifting, and one pillar of education may be crumbling as we know it: deadlines. Just over two years after the onset of the pandemic,...

As plans for space resorts unfold, many hope to experience space tourism just as Dennis Tito (left) became the first to do in 2001.

Space tourism is proposed to open to the public – but how realistic is it?

Lauren Anderson, Copy Editor May 18, 2022

A new getaway destination is soon to be on the map, but this resort is unlike any other. The new hotel, called The Pioneer, is in outer space.  The Orbital Assembly, who proposed The Pioneer, announced...

The greenhouse at the PV high school has reached over 100 degrees during the temperature spike this past week.

Heatwave strikes South Asia: A warning of what is to come

Natalie Richmiller, Photo Manager May 12, 2022

Climate change has been at the forefront of news in recent years. The dueling topic has sparked controversy between citizens and governments. South Asia is experiencing an extreme heatwave that scientists...

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