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Spartan Shield

The student news site of Pleasant Valley High School

Spartan Shield

The student news site of Pleasant Valley High School

Spartan Shield

Senior Lily Dumas smiles with a student she met while serving on a mission trip in Belize.

Service learning initiatives work to partner student passion with purpose

Alyse Zuiderveen, Copy Editor October 18, 2021

PV takes great pride in their ability to incentivize students to serve, often sharing that their service learning graduation requirements help grow students’ love for volunteering. This program...

Socially distanced concert seating was one of many changes students faced in the 2020-2021 school year.

A disconnect: The lost class of 2024

Erika Holmberg, Copy Editor October 11, 2021

It is no secret that being a high school freshman is hard, but being one in a pandemic is even harder.  For many students, the 2021-2022 school year returning to normal was a relief. Old clubs and...

Senior Grace Engstrom performed as Chris in “Carrie: The Musical.”

Give it the old college tryout: College auditions for students in the arts

Harper Clark, Student Life Editor October 11, 2021

Application, pre-screen, audition.  This multistep process is more than the typical student has to experience, but for those deciding on a career in the arts, it is the norm. Every year, high school...

Senior Jahni Harn (left) works with her coworker (right) at Jimmy John’s.

Students face resounding effects of the pandemic in their school-work balance

Kushi Maridu, Site Manager October 11, 2021

Many students have struggled to balance school and work even amid pandemic-induced hardships, such as the national labor shortage. COVID-19 hit America more than a year ago, but the ripples are still...

Seniors Brady Meyrer and Lauren Puthoff lift their masks for a photo in their welding class.

Industrial tech classes lead to jobs right out of high school

Jillian Keppy, PV Only Editor October 11, 2021

PV students are receiving apprenticeships and job opportunities right out of high school thanks to the Industrial Technology courses that they are taking. Typical required math and science classes in...

Harry Styles performs a show for his tour: Love on Tour, at the United Center in Chicago, IL.

Big concerts are back: How students are navigating their ability to see their favorite artists live

Jillian Keppy, PV Only Editor October 4, 2021

Some of the biggest current artists are announcing tours for 2021 and 2022, and students could not be more excited. The anticipation to get back into concert venues and experience live performances is...

Mirrors are still missing in an upstairs mens bathroom at Pleasant Valley High School.

The devious lick: Social media is stealing teenagers’ common sense

Kushi Maridu, Site Manager September 28, 2021

As schools opened up this school year, there has been a growing amount of thefts in schools across the country, including PV. Social media is the main culprit behind this trend. TikTok, a social media...

Treatments look different when facing mental health vs. mental illness.

Breaking down mental health vs. mental illness

Isa Burkhart, News Editor September 28, 2021

The difference between mental health and mental illness is often lost on many people. Common advice such as drink water, do yoga, stop thinking about it and more are all attempts at helping a person in...

Seniors Vishnu Challa (left) and Nathan Romans (right) doing the Cart on a Ramp lab in AP Physics.

Return of normalcy: How the return of labs have impacted the science educational experience

Mukul Kulkarni, Copy Editor September 27, 2021

Teachers are aware that each student has their own learning style that suits them best. In some cases, students can only learn when multiple styles are incorporated in their classes. This is especially...

Local Saint Ambrose gamer Gabe Smith after winning a Battle for the Beehive tournament this summer.

Are consoles the new stadium?: The world of Esports in college

Heath Rice, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 27, 2021

Sports have been a large part of American culture and they have shaped not only athleticism, but also media, sponsorships and even the opportunities for huge scholarships.  Hundreds of athletes around...

Students wishing to be admitted without an ACT/SAT score can do so on the University of Iowa’s website, shown on this laptop.

The hidden cost of test-optional admissions

Alyse Zuiderveen, Copy Editor September 27, 2021

When colleges began to announce that they would be doing test-optional admissions through the fall of 2022, many students began to feel a rush of emotions. Was the time they spent preparing for the ACT...

Sophomore Niyati Patel using her BraileSense educational tool to complete her homework for the day.

Committed to excellence: How PV is still honoring their mission statement

Mukul Kulkarni, Copy Editor September 22, 2021

It is without question that the COVID pandemic has caused a complete change in all aspects of education.  Some significant changes include PV switching to a hybrid system during the 2020-2021 school...

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