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Spartan Shield

The student news site of Pleasant Valley High School

Spartan Shield

The student news site of Pleasant Valley High School

Spartan Shield

The finals schedule provided the week before finals gives students time to prepare for their classes.

2022 brings back High School finals

Isa Burkhart, News Editor January 14, 2022

Since the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year, PVHS has been on a break from requiring students to participate in class finals. However, the 2021-2022 school year has finally brought finals back. The...

When applying to universities, students must decide which timeline they will apply for.

Applying early: Making December a time of new directions

Harper Clark, Student Life Editor January 11, 2022

December is the time when many high school seniors make big steps regarding their futures. Most applications are due, and many stressfully await their decision letters if they apply early. There are...

Students are faced with an ever-growing list of assignments and content due to quarantine protocols.

From online to stranded

Heath Rice, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 22, 2021

The past two years have been drastically different from past school years as COVID ravaged the school system. Schools were shut down and classrooms were abandoned. All hope seemed lost until, under the...

Students at Pleasant Valley often utilize the Course Handbook provided by the school when making decisions about which courses they will enroll in.

Exceptional enrichment: Navigating course selection to meet student needs

Alyse Zuiderveen, Copy Editor December 14, 2021

When students begin to plan their high school schedules in eighth grade, they often go in without a clear idea of the differentiation between honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment courses....

Senior Adelaide Wolfe posted an Instagram story of her cat Marmalade.

How pet pictures for a good cause turned out to be a hoax

Alyssa Smith, Social Media Manager November 15, 2021

Pet pictures for a good cause is something almost everyone can get behind. Over four million Instagram users recently shared a picture of their beloved pets thinking posting their furry friend would plant...

Class discussions like Friday Forums help prepare students for future life.

Friday Forums: How classroom discussions help students prepare for the world

Kushi Maridu, Site Manager November 15, 2021

AP Language and Composition teacher Dr. Lynne Lundberg hosts Friday Forums every other week in her classes. Friday Forums are formal discussions in which a student leader asks open-ended questions on a...

Mrs. Berger utilizes comfortable chairs and posters to liven up her room.

Teachers strive to create comfortable learning environments in their classrooms

Harper Clark, Student Life Editor November 11, 2021

Surrounded by cinder blocks and windowless walls, students spend seven hours in classrooms listening to lectures, participating in class discussions and running labs every single day.  The lack of...

College students Emmie Peters and Muskan Basnet’s dorm at the University of Iowa.

Dorm living: How residence halls aid in a smooth transition to adulthood

Jillian Keppy, PV Only Editor November 11, 2021

The lifestyle that students have while living in dorms in college is unlike any other. Living in dorms in college is a unique experience students will only have once. Residence halls are the perfect...

 Josie Olderog poses with many books used in PVHS english curriculum.

PV’s dedication to keeping important literature in the classroom

Alyssa Smith, Social Media Manager November 8, 2021

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Of Mice and Men,” “The Color of Water” and “The Great Gatsby” are just a few books incorporated into PV’s English curriculum. They are also a few of the many...

Shobini Iyer and Jillian Keppy pose in front of thousands of pounds of cans donated by students and community members for the annual SHD.

PV Student Hunger Drive thrives after a rocky start

Erika Holmberg, Copy Editor November 2, 2021

Every fall marks the kickoff to the annual Student Hunger Drive (SHD), an event that PV has been actively involved in for many years.  SHD combats food insecurity in the area by encouraging students...

A PV student works on homework while maintaining poor posture.

Maintaining balance and health in the midst of a technologically-driven society

Alyse Zuiderveen, Copy Editor November 2, 2021

While technology's detrimental effect on mental health is often discussed, it is also imperative to acknowledge the negative physical ramifications of technology, specifically for students in the classroom. The...

The University of Iowa’s Alpha Delta Pi chapter hosts an event on campus.

More than social clubs: How sorority life helps college students build a foundation for their future

Jillian Keppy, PV Only Editor October 27, 2021

“Paying for friends” and “popularity contests” are phrases often used when describing sororities. However, there is so much more to these Greek communities than meets the eye. Even though Greek...

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