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New Restrictions And Limitations On After School Activities

Regular Robotics meet that took place in November of 2019.

Ethan Stigler, P.V. Only Editor

September 14, 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020-2021 school year is unlike any other year. The school is broken into three different groups: Hybrid Group A, B, and 100 percent online students.    This atypical schedule raises the ensuing questions: How are extracurricular activities going to fun...

Securing Yourself: Ways to ensure maximum password security on the internet

“Two-Factor Authentication is one of the best ways to secure and protect your social media account”

Sam McGrath, Business Manager

September 14, 2020

The average teenager has social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, but how is personal data protected? What can users do to better secure and protect their privacy?   Recent Instagram hacks show just how vulnerable teenagers are for phishing messages and other popular t...

How COVID-19 Has Impacted The New Student Process

Student Looking at a Sign

Jonathan Sulgrove, Opinion Editor

September 14, 2020

This year, new students around the nation are struggling to thrive in their new schools. Unfortunately, social distancing and online learning are not helping students acclimate. Solomon Thomas was a new student to PV last year. As a kid in a military family, he has been to six different schools. F...

The First Iowa Hawkeye of ’25

“Senior Paris Fietsam celebrating her early acceptance to the University of Iowa.”

Lily Barrett, Student Life Section Editor

September 14, 2020

As students begin their college admissions process, many are filled with stress, anxiety, and questions about essays, applications and deadlines.    However, senior Paris Fietsam has had this stress lifted from her shoulders by being one of two people admitted early to the University of Iowa st...

Teenagers Become Essential Workers in the midst of COVID-19

Senior Grace Pender stocks a high in demand item during her shift at Fareway.

Elizabeth Pischke, Copy Editor

September 14, 2020

Since COVID-19 began its reign in March, its effects have been seen far and wide. For some Pleasant Valley students, the pandemic’s effects brought them a daunting new job title: essential worker.    Many PV students have part-time jobs outside of school. However, for students like seni...

COVID at College: How Universities Have Been Affected by the Global Pandemic

Students mask up and return to increasingly smaller classes this school year.

Azzy Brown, Copy Editor

September 14, 2020

With over six million cases and one hundred eighty nine thousand deaths, the United States has been hit harder than any other country with coronavirus infections. The pandemic is undoubtedly affecting nearly every aspect of every day life.  Perhaps one of the most significant differences creating this ...

Graduation parties happening despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the reopening of Iowa, many seniors are excited to be able to plan their graduation parties once again.

Lena Ahrens, Social Media Manager

May 25, 2020

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, states all across the U.S. have been on a ‘stay at home’ basis. Businesses, facilities, sporting events, schools and graduations have either been postponed or cancelled all together. Within the month of May, many states have started to reopen. Gradually in the...

Community coming together despite COVID-19

Alleman seniors Alicia Casas and Roberto Torres were in a car crash a few weeks ago. Since then Alleman’s community has come together to support them despite COVID-19

Maggie Peterson, Business Manager

May 25, 2020

Alleman’s community was shaken last week when two seniors were involved in a car crash and had to be airlifted to Iowa City. But even during a pandemic, the community came together.  Immediately following the news of the accident tributes were being posted on social media by close friends and family...

Fishing tournament used to combat Covid-19

Junior Michael Vanderschaaf holding Drum fish he caught

Jack Young, Photo Manager

May 24, 2020

With quarantine making it harder to hang out with your friends and have fun, a group of PVHS students decided to create a fishing tournament to combat this odd time.  The idea originated last year when Junior Seth Clausen and Sophomore Drew Micek wanted to have a fishing tournament and it was a ...

Quarantine Is Preparing Seniors For The Next Chapter

Students are beginning to create checklists to get ready for college.

Ilah Perez-Johnson, Sports Editor

May 22, 2020

After Governor Kim Reynolds announced the closure of schools in Iowa, the class of 2020 is left heartbroken. Seniors are going to have to finish the rest of the best year of their life at home, away from friends and teachers.  However, while this time is very upsetting, many Pleasant Valley students are s...

COVID-19 causes concern for students looking for summer jobs

Senior Emma Meade and the rest of staff at Camp Shalom sing to the campers.

Ellie Scranton, Student Life Editor

May 18, 2020

The summer is a time for high school students to begin making money and preparing for adulthood. However, COVID-19 brings uncertainty to many students as their chance for  a summer job is questioned or changed completely.  As the state opens up in the next week, restaurants, coffee shops, and gyms will r...

Seniors won’t let coronavirus stop their last dance

Students pose for prom pictures on May 5, 2019.

TJ Brown, Copy Editor

May 18, 2020

Events have been cancelled across the state, including ones often seen as milestones in high school. Sports, graduation, senior prom and more have either been suspended indefinitely or completely scrapped. However, many students are set on having some semblance of a normal senior year. This has taken ...

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