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Chapter 45: Katie Lee

Having grown up in Chicago for ten years, freshman Katie Lee loves the bright lights and the noisy city environment. Lee hopes to move to a big city one day instead of staying in Bettendorf. Lee grew up as an only child and learned how to be independent and hard working from both of her parents, whom she admires very much.

Growing up in Chicago, Lee worked very hard in school to achieve good grades. In Chicago, she loved her friends, the school, and the overall environment. Lee’s favorite teacher was her 5th grade homeroom teacher Mrs. Tran because she was very thoughtful and caring. Lee said, “I am taking Honors English 9 this year because I want to be introduced to more college level classes and I want to be challenged.” Lee works extremely hard in each and every class so she can be prepared for the future in college.

Lee’s favorite hobbies are socializing with friends, drawing, and running. Lee said, “My best friends are Lauren, Monica, Elizabeth, Arra, Natalie, Daniel, and Ryan because they are always very supportive and we have so much fun together.” Her favorite subjects in school are art and science because they allow her to express her creativity and passion for nature.

Lee is a very outgoing and hardworking student and is accepting of everyone no matter who they are. One reason she loves living in the United States is because of the diversity that can be seen. Since she is only a freshman, she hasn’t given much thought about college, but this first year of high school has been a new experience for her aside from the junior high where she had more fun and thought there was more to do. Lee said, “For me, high school doesn’t necessarily feel like a major difference compared to the junior high other than getting more assignments/tests everyday. Overall, it isn’t as bad as I expected, but I feel like my time at the junior high last year was more fun and exciting.” Overall, Lee is ready to take on new challenges and new experiences at Pleasant Valley High School and will continue to work hard and pursue her dreams.


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