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Chapter 52: Megan Dague

Chapter 52: Megan Dague

As a member of the class of 2019, senior Megan Dague has only three quarters left until graduation. At Pleasant Valley, her time has been centered around cross country and track and field.

Throughout her four years on the track and field team, Dague has trained for the shot put and discus events. An aspect that Dague appreciates about the track and field team at Pleasant Valley is the people practicing alongside her. Dague believes the Pleasant Valley shot put and discus thrower team members support each other in ways that make each of them better.

“From being on the track team and throwing discus and shot put, I have made life long friends,” Dague commented. Apart from the team members, Dague also enjoys having Jane Wheeler as a coach.

Unlike track and field, cross country was not an activity that Dague took part in for her four years in high school. It was only until junior year when a friend told her to join that tipped her decision to participate in the sport. Dague believes that joining was the one of the best decisions of her high school career and that being part of the team gave her amazing experiences that she cherishes even now.

“I regret not doing it all four years because it has been really fun,” Dague responded. “but knowing that track season is almost here is super exciting.”

Aside from participating in these sports, Dague loves to spend her free time with family and friends. She said that she also relishes her time spent playing with and taking her dog for walks around her neighborhood.

In addition, autumn is her favorite season for a couple of reasons other than Halloween. During autumn, she finds her time to be well spent with her friends while haunted housing, but more importantly, her birthday falls during this time of year, which, in fact, is on Thanksgiving this year.  

Next year, Dague plans to attend Iowa State University with an undecided major. As for now, Dague still has three more quarters to make the most of her high school experience.

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