Athlete of the Week: Barrett Lindmark


Stephanie Lindmark

Lindmark runs the ball on a play against North Scott on Sept. 4.

Addi Steele, Photo Manager

Barrett Lindmark’s passion and love for football started at an extremely young age. With his father coaching, he basically grew up next to a field and around other players. Lindmark’s fate to excel with football was almost inevitable.

Lindmark started his journey by playing flag football until he was in fourth grade when he moved on to play tackle. He began playing for the Spartans in fifth grade. Throughout his experience playing football, he has always played quarterback, along with some defensive back too.

The quarterback position takes a lot of leadership to succeed in football. “My contribution to the team as a leader isn’t the big hooray guy or the guy who yells a lot,” he explained. “I like to lead by example but also using my voice to communicate well with my teammates which is important as a quarterback.”

The 2020 year has been Lindmark’s first year on the varsity football team as a junior and he adjusted right away as the starting quarterback for the Spartans. Going into the season, Lindmark’s goal for himself was to be a leader and to help the team have a successful season.

Lindmark’s teammate Matthew Meyer, also has an important role in the offense as a running back, and agrees that Lindmark stands out as a leader. “He’s a guy who picks up another teammate,” Meyer said. “A guy who can be a role model for us and want us to work harder. He pushes us to be better.”

Lindmark has led the Spartans to a successful regular season so far, as the team has an undefeated 7-0 record for the first time since the 2013 season. The team has also beat cross-town rival, Bettendorf, for the first time in seven years.

Lindmark has multiple ideas on why the team has had success this year. “Keys to success this year was the brotherhood we have on this team, the camaraderie is like no other,” he expressed. “As a team we are almost always on the same page. We just need to keep it up in the playoffs.”

By passing and running the ball, in addition to being an overall leader from the field and the sideline, Lindmark’s presence is impactful to the PV Football team. Lindmark hopes the team’s success will continue into the playoffs.