The Spartans go undefeated, entering the playoffs with their best record since 2013


Matthew Meyer

The Pleasant Valley Spartans beat Muscatine 21-7 on Sept. 11. Despite challenges of the pandemic, the Spartans have overcome them to have their best season in seven years.

Ani Pradeep, News Editor

After a comprehensive 40-7 steamroll over Davenport North on Oct. 8, Pleasant Valley football remains undefeated and has achieved their best record since 2013. 

Despite having two losing records since 2013, the Spartans only won one home game last year and faced defeats in their other games, most by a large margin. With many good senior players graduating and the lack of a preseason, numerous fans were skeptical of the team’s ability  this year.

However, the  team has done the opposite and shocked many in the process. During their time off, a number of players still worked out at home, hoping to make a run for the championship this year. 

Senior Kane Zemo credited several components towards the team’s drastic improvement “We have a lot of young talent and great senior leadership and those together are deadly,” claimed Zemo. The group chemistry has yielded results for the team as in their previous two games, they have outscored their opponents by more than a whopping 82 points.

Moreover, team spirit has been higher than previous years. While this team may not be as talented skill-wise as other groups, their trust in each other has produced remarkable results. “Because we are undefeated, we are more energized than ever. Along with that though are a group of seniors that are closer than other years and that has really helped us,” noted Zemo.  Good teams in the game not only need playmakers, but they need to play as one unit. Whether it involves the quarterback being on the same page as the receivers, the significance of group dynamics goes beyond raw skills.

The team’s success has impressed the coaches the most. Coach Joe Youngbauer commended the team for their off-season dedication. “During the pandemic, we were scared the team would not be able to do our summer workouts together. These practices are really important because it allows players to get used to new schemes and allows us to determine the best lineup. However, these guys have done a fantastic job. All of our success is due to their hard work,” praised Youngbauer. 

Contrary to previous years, students have said  school spirit has increased largely due to the undefeated streak of wins. With the playoffs a few weeks away, the team  will face the other top teams in Iowa. Nonetheless, with the way the boys have been playing, as well as the mindset they have been in, fans are confident the team could make a run for the championship.