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Chapter 35: Olivia Bohren

Among many others , Pleasant Valley’s drama club is known for its excellent productions and talented cast and crew. One of its members is Olivia Bohren, a sophomore who has been in the school district since Kindergarten. While the school puts on many large scale productions, Bohren especially enjoys participating in the children’s shows. “I just really enjoy interacting with the children” she says. She also loves the drama club because “You’re allowed to do it whenever. It’s never out of season.”

Along with the children’s shows, Bohren has participated in Improv night and at Large Group Speech. Improv and Large Group Speech both require special skills that not everyone possesses. Bohren’s classmates recognize her success in these challenging tasks. Senior Roshni Nair commented on Bohren’s skills. “I’ve seen Liv perform at Large Group Speech and at improv night. I think she’s a very clever and entertaining individual.”

Outside of drama club and off the stage, Bohren enjoys Pleasant Valley and “all of the opportunities it has to offer for everyone.” As Bohren says, “There is something for everyone here.” She especially loves Mr. Fry’s class with his sense of humor and wild personality. These traits are what makes him her favorite teacher. She even says that her favorite memory of high school thus far has been watching Mr. Fry scare students, especially when he scares the wrong one.

Seeing as Bohren loves working and interacting with the children in the shows she helps put on, it is no surprise to learn that her future will consist of assisting others. She plans on becoming either someone who helps the disabled or a physical therapist. Either job would suit her and her selfless personality. No matter which path she decides on in the future, Bohren will make the Pleasant Valley district proud.

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