P3 campus implemented at Pleasant Valley schools

Jimmy Guest, Student Life Section Editor

On Sept. 17 2018, PV students were introduced to the P3 Campus app. Made for Android and IOS, it allows students to anonymously report emergencies or problems directly to administration at a moment’s notice.

Since the app is a device that will be used keep the school safe, it should be taken very seriously. It is recommended that every student installs the program on their phone, even if they do not find it necessary at present.

The strongest advocate of the app at PV is Deputy Chad Weipert. He predicted that having the anonymous app would help students be more comfortable with sharing information. “It gives other people who didn’t think they had a voice or didn’t want to report something personal an avenue to report that.”

Although the app was implemented to ensure safety, there is a chance that students may abuse it. There have been many concerns as to how students can use the program in ways not intended. One concern is false reports. If a student decides to deliberately put in a false report, there could be an investigation. Depending on the weight of the report, the student could be charged criminally.

Senior Rian O’Hanlon plainly stated his support and concerns for the app. He claimed he believes the app is “a way for students to contribute to making the school environment safer and more positive.” However, O’Hanlon is concerned that students will exploit the app to create problems for high school staff. O’Hanlon assumes staff will have to “follow up on every single report, even if it appears to be a false accusation.”

Principal Mike Zimmer has confirmed 10 inappropriate uses of the app in the first week. Zimmer also confirmed that it is possible to track a report, but it will not happen unless the individual who filed the report has dangerous intent. It is important to administration that the app remains completely anonymous. 

It gives other people who didn’t think they had a voice or didn’t want to report something personal an avenue to report that.”

— Chad Weipert

Although students have chosen to misuse the app, Weipert will continue to support the anonymity of students who use the app. “I encourage students to use it correctly, this is only to help you guys… it is what you make it.” The expectation is clear that respect goes both ways between students and administration while using this app.

P3 Campus was available to Pleasant Valley through the Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities, an organization dedicated to keeping the Quad Cities safe. The organization has their own tip hotline and an app similar to P3 Campus, where all calls and reports are anonymous. Crime Stoppers covered the subscription to P3 for the school district, in an effort to support safe schools in the Quad Cities.

Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities will be having a raffle in support of school safety on Dec. 28. Raffle tickets are available at Sexton Ford, Moline.