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Chapter 44: Carly Lundry

Carly Lundry is a standout member of the class of 2020. She is involved in both varsity swimming and varsity softball. Although Carly is an outstanding athlete, she finds passions outside of sports such as school, work and volunteering to help those in need.

Over the summer, Carly was a member of Pleasant Valley High School’s state champion varsity softball team. The softball team was also state champions in 2017 and runner up in 2016. Lundry said, “Winning a state championship is a huge accomplishment and not many people get to experience something like that.” Winning a state championship in any sport requires a large amount of hard work and dedication. Lundry also stated, “Softball is very mentally challenging and it got to me a couple times, but the feeling that you get after you win the state championship game is indescribable.”

Outside of the challenges of Pleasant Valley’s rigorous softball program, Carly also participates in swimming. She has been on varsity all three years of her high school career and went to state in 2017 as an alternate. Being in the atmosphere of a high-intensity meet inspired Carly to continue challenging herself in swimming and she remains on the varsity team, hoping to make state again this year.

Playing two varsity sports, having a job, and maintaining good grades can be challenging. Lundry said, “Most days during the winter I’m at school from 5:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night. Especially because I commit a lot of time to swimming and softball and I practice both all year-round, I have to focus on doing homework and studying during the school day and take advantage of weekends to get ahead.” Her hard work and dedication are an inspiration to many of her friends. Libby Staver, a fellow member of the varsity swim team, stated, “Carly is always working hard to get ahead in all of her classes and does a great job managing her busy schedule.”

After the conclusion of the 2018 softball season, Carly had the chance to go to Peru with the high school’s Spanish department. Three groups are taken every summer to help at a nonprofit program, Voices for Peru. Lundry stated, “Seeing the poverty of a third world country really makes you think more about your own life.” Lundry plans to go to Peru with the school again in the summer of 2019. She stated, “I will be returning to Peru next summer because I want to be reminded again of how lucky I am to live this life.”

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