Club spotlight: Environmental Club


Jimmy Guest, Student Life Editor

Environmental Club at PV is all about making a difference. Advised by Lynne Lundberg, the club meets every other Monday to discuss how they can improve the environment or to take part in volunteer work. “Our main goal is to raise awareness about environmental issues,” said Lundberg.

Lundberg frequently coordinates with students of the club to generate new eco-friendly ideas. Although Lundberg is very passionate about the environment, she makes sure that students have important leadership opportunities. Another reason why Environmental club is so unique is because of how much it relies on student leadership.

The Club is co-led by students Margaret Huang and Solange Bolger. They assist in coming up with different ways the club can increase environmental awareness at PV. For example, last year Environmental Club began to sell water bottles in an effort to decrease plastic waste. “All of the profit from the bottles go to living lands and waters so it’s a win win for us,” Bolger explained.

To support Environmental Club and the environment, water bottles can be bought any time for $15. “Come talk to Dr. Lundberg, Margaret, or myself!” Bolger said.

Besides the donated proceeds from the water bottles, Environmental Club has raised money for water projects both in Africa and locally. Providing students the chance to fund raise and make a change. “We do volunteer work for the community, so we want to help clean up our city as much as possible,” stated Bolger.

An average meeting for the club could include watching informative videos, engaging in discussion about fundraising, volunteer opportunities and of course, the impact Pleasant Valley has on the environment.

The next meeting for Environmental Club will be Monday, Oct. 15 in room #159.