The helpful guide to electives


Abbey Hancock

All of the different electives offered at Pleasant Valley will help benefit students in their future career paths.

Abbey Hancock, Student Life Editor

Pleasant Valley has a great selection of electives to take throughout high school. These classes are not meant to be “filler” classes, but are truly meant to help one in the process of choosing a right career for you.

Junior Kelly Brewer said, “I personally really enjoy electives because they are a class that is all about your interests.”

If one is set on becoming bilingual or perhaps wants to travel the world, foreign language would be a course for those individuals to take. The foreign language classes offered at Pleasant Valley include French, Spanish, Japanese, and American Sign Language. These classes are also beneficial to take for applying to colleges.

Something not many people realize is that art is actually a course required in college for many different majors. Education, for example, is a major that requires an art class. Even if one believes their major may not require art, taking it in high school gives one the opportunity to have fun and be creative!

Many art classes are offered at Pleasant Valley such as Art 1, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking. However, one is required to first take Art 1 before taking any other art class.

A specific type of person is required to work with children. It takes patience, a bubbly personality, and a lot of knowledge. If one decides they want to have a career involving working with children, it would be a smart idea to take some of the many classes Pleasant Valley offers about children.

Classes offered involving children include Early Childhood Development, Child Development and Caring for Exceptional Children. These classes include many hands on experiments, showing one what it would actually be like to work with children.

If one is hoping to go into the field of engineering, welding, computer software or graphic design it would be smart to take classes from the groups of Computer Programming or Industrial Tech. Nowadays, computer programming is required for careers like welding, engineering and graphic design.

With so many careers requiring knowledge of computer systems, software and networks, classes within the Information Technology category would be very beneficial for students to take before entering college.

Finally, careers like composing, songwriting and radio production are becoming more popular. For students that have an interest in the music field, there are several classes offered at Pleasant Valley for them to take. These classes include Band, Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, PV Singers, and Women’s Ensemble. Senior, Cade Lewis said, “Choir is one of my favorite classes because it is a lot less stressful, and it’s something that I enjoy.”

Electives are great to sign up for classes that include interests. With all of the courses offered at Pleasant Valley, they are a great way to see if the career one is interested in is the best option for them. Brewer continued, “I think electives are something that everyone should be interested in and should take part in.”