HIV Bananas

Marie DeLessio, Photo Manager

Most people wouldn’t think that what they are buying from a grocery store could be harmful. However, according to Tulsa, Oklahoma parents, names unknown, say their 10 year-old son was rushed to the emergency room 7 days after consuming a banana. This may seem overdramatic, but eight other children have experienced the same symptoms of fever, chills, and fatigue after purchasing bananas from the Tulsa Walmart. The bananas have also been said to have strange discoloration, which has added to the concerns. CNN News says, “The facility, LHC Laboratories, tested the bananas which all came up positive containing the HIV virus.”  

Although this information sounds concerning, internet users and some news sources are not so convinced. According to The Washington Post, “The discoloration was from a natural condition called mokillo, which happens when a common bacteria enters the fruit.” Some customers claim that they brought their purchased bananas to the hospital, where it was confirmed that they were injected with blood.Others say this is all just a stunt to cause drama and gain attention.

Luckily, PV students and faculty have no reason to worry. All food served in the Pleasant Valley District is nutritious and is ensured to be safe by the lunchroom faculty. PV Food Service Manager, Aaron Shannon, explains, “This is all a myth. If something was really wrong, I would’ve received an email with a warning.” So, although it is unclear whether or not bananas have really been injected with the HIV virus, students and staff at PV have nothing to fear when it comes to eating lunch at school.