Iran attack catches the attention of youth



Protestors gather after the series of events in Iran at the beginning of the year.

Jackson Schou, Copy Editor

The United States kicked off the new year by launching an attack on a top Iranian military official which prompted rising tensions between the two countries. 

The targeted official was Iranian military general Qasem Soleimani. This has since led to Iran striking US military bases with a dozen missiles this past week. As tensions continue to rise, the world waits to see what happens.

Iran and the United States have been in a substandard relationship for nearly 70 years. The countries agreed to economic sanctions and a nuclear deal before Obama’s presidency was finished. However, when Trump took office, he abandoned the nuclear deal and reinstated economic sanctions, sending Iran’s economy into a spiral. 

In 2019, the United States tightened sanctions against Iran’s oil exports. This led to the US’s blaming of Iran when six oil tankers were bombed. Later that year, a US military drone was shot down. Iran claimed it was over their territory, but the US stated it was over international waters. 

Trump ordered the drone strike against Soleimani with hopes of deterring ongoing plans of attacks. US defense officials stated that Soleimani was responsible for attacks against Americans and many others.

“I think that it was a hard decision for President Trump to assassinate Soleimani, but I think it was the right one,” commented senior Jimmy Feeney. Feeney considers himself relatively educated on the topic, and thinks that people need to be doing their research before speaking about it. “If you look at all the horrible things he has done to his people and the attacks on the US he has planned or done, it seems just in my eyes,” Feeney continued.

Many students have been keeping up with this event because it affects them more than other foreign affairs have in the past. The bombing could kick-start wars across the world. 

However, senior Jacob Parker sees the situation differently. “Iran is very culturally diverse and means a lot to the Middle East. While many of its citizens hated the general, some still support the country and its decisions,” he said. “Also, the idea that some think that young men will be drafted is ridiculous.”

Whether or not this will cause a draft, the attack has concerned many youth, for this is something that can significantly affect them. As the world waits for more news to develop on the situation, many turn their heads in concern of the future.