Among Us: the game that has taken the world by storm


Michael VanDerSchaaf

Kane Zemo loads into “Among Us” while waiting for his friends to start a game

Michael VanDerSchaaf

Over the past few weeks, a new mobile game has emerged among teenagers and gained instant popularity. This new game, “Among Us,” has soared to the number one spot on the App Store.

The game,based in outer space, has three maps and starts with anywhere between seven and ten players. Once a round starts there are two groups of players and there can be up to three impostors. The impostor’s goal is to sabotage systems around the map and kill other players without getting caught. The rest of the players are crewmates, whose jobs are to accomplish tasks before the impostors kill everyone or catch the impostors and vote them off.

After a kill, a dead body appears on the ground. Players can report the body once they find it, which prompts a discussion among participants. They then must use their detective skills to vote someone out who they think is suspicious, or skip if they are unsure. 

The impostors win once they have killed all crewmates without getting voted off. The crewmates win if they complete all their tasks or if they successfully vote out all of the impostors.

“Among Us” has quickly grown very popular among Pleasant Valley students. Whether students are together in study hall, waiting for practice to start or just hanging out on the weekends, they can often be found playing this game together.

Senior Kane Zemo has grown very fond of the game in recent weeks. “The game is really fun to play with your friends. I love to play with my teammates before football practice and we always get a good laugh out of it,” exclaimed Zemo.

Senior Grant Tebbe loves playing the game with other students during his study hall. “We get a big group of guys together during study hall and play,” said Tebbe. “It’s fun watching everyone accuse each other for the crime.”

This new game is definitely “Among Us” as we speak and is only getting more popular. The game will continue to entertain students and create good memories.