Some students have to fear for their life at school


Ethan Stigler

For high risk students extra masks and personal hand sanitizer is a necessity.

Ethan Stigler, PV Only Editor

8 out of 10 deaths due to COVID-19 are from people with pre-existing conditions. It is significantly more dangerous for high-risk students to go to school. The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for both students and faculty. While the virus is potentially detrimental to all individuals, those suffering from pre-existing conditions are at a much higher risk. 

Some students have pre-existing conditions, which gives COVID a higher chance of becoming a big problem for them. They are still able to go to school but need to set up more precautions, so they do not get the deadly Coronavirus. This concern prompts the ensuing question to arise: how are students with pre-existing conditions safely attending school?

Senior Roshni Patel, a high-risk individual, shared her concerns. “It bothers me when I see students lowering their mask for no apparent reason. It defeats the whole purpose of the mask,” Patel said. It worries high risk individuals when people are not taking the proper safety precautions.

Senior Caden Kipper suffers from a pre-existing condition, potentially making him more vulnerable to the virus. He is uncomfortable when “people don’t wear masks in public to stores or restaurants” Lower risk students may find themselves playing with and removing their masks unconsciously, but, they need to realize the potential risks they pose to others. 

These students also have to be more prepared when attending school. Kipper added that he always keeps extra masks and hand sanitizer on him in case he finds himself in the position where he might need it.

High risk students need to bring extra masks and hand sanitizer just in case something were to happen. They also have to watch for touch points because those are habitats for COVID.

At PV students have the option to come into school for a couple days out of the week, if they do not feel safe going to the school they can work fully online from at home. This gives students the option to either go hybrid or go fully online.

Patel granted insight on switching from online to hybrid. “I would recommend that they weigh the pros and cons before making the decision of coming back before making that decision,” she explained. “If they do decide to come back, I recommend that they sanitize and wash their hands often and do their best not to get too close to other students.” 

PV has made strides to keep the school safe such as requiring masks, and social distancing guidelines for the desks and giving every teacher their own bottle of hand sanitizer, but it is important to be prepared if the situation arises in which students do not follow these school rules.

The school has made these rules but some people do not follow them. This is very dangerous for everyone, not just high risk students. These students do not like when people are playing and lowering their masks, it is also a problem when students are crowding into the hallway and possibly spreading the virus.

COVID has made everyone’s life hard for the past several months and while you may not want to wear a mask or stay away from your friends it is important to remember that this is a very serious virus that kills people every day. Remember that some people have to be more careful and respect their decision to be careful even if you don’t want to be.