Hidden figures: Those behind Biden’s victory

Stacey Abrams of Georgia is one individual that can be credited for having been behind presidential candidate Democrat Joe Biden’s projected victory.

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Stacey Abrams of Georgia is one individual that can be credited for having been behind presidential candidate Democrat Joe Biden’s projected victory.

Grace Pender, Copy Editor

161 million Americans voted in the presidential election, with Joe Biden being  projected to win the presidency, securing over 270 electoral votes. 

There were many factors contributing to the record-breaking voter turnout and Biden’s victory.  

Sociology teacher Mr. Zahn explained one factor of the large voter turnout. “Historically, the level of competition between candidates can also help to drive up voter turnout numbers because people see their vote being more crucial when polls suggest that one person has been a clear front-runner, which actually leads people to not vote because they think it’s already been decided,” he said.

When polls are close in number, voters feel as though their vote is more vital in ensuring their candidate wins. 

Additionally, 53 percent of youth voters who are eligible to vote, voted in the 2020 presidential election as opposed to 45 percent back in 2016. So what can be credited to record-setting youth voter turnouts? 

Senior Amber Matthews explained why she believes this trend occurred. “Having secure ballot drop-off boxes on college campuses helped contribute to the record number of young voters who cast their ballots,” Matthews stated. “Additionally I believe that prominent figures such as celebrities played a huge role in getting their fans to vote by urging them to vote early or on Election Day.”

Prominent celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Eminem, Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Harry Styles, endorsed Biden on social media, helping to explain why youth voters predominately supported Biden.

Youth voting is estimated to make up around 17 percent of the total vote, making their vote crucial in making a candidate victorious. 

People of color can also be cited as a reason for Biden’s victory, as he attained around 90 percent of the black vote. 

Senior Jordan Mimms discussed her thoughts on why more black voters voted than ever before. “I think the past 4 years of increased racism has led to people of color wanting to take a stand,” Mimms said. “I know a lot of older black people voted for the first time in a while because they realized we needed them to help change things.”

“I know a lot of young black people are just involved in politics anyway (because it impacts our lives so greatly). I also know a lot of people of color went around to help register other people to vote because our communities are realizing the importance of our votes and opinions,” Mimms elaborated. 

In states like Georgia and South Carolina, which are traditionally “red,” the black vote contributed heavily to Biden’s victory. Stacey Abrams of Georgia, along with other prominent black women and black organizations, can be credited for having encouraged southern black voters to vote for Biden. 

Mimms explained the reasoning behind her support for Joe Biden. “I support Biden because another 4 years of Trump would’ve been catastrophic for my and other minority communities,” Mimms said. “I’m not 100% for Biden because he is an old centrist democrat, but he will for sure be better for America.”

Higher voter turnouts of people of color and the youth of America can both be cited as significant contributors to Biden’s victory.