All eyes on them: How influencers are impacting the future of the pandemic


Influencers like Tik Tok star Charli D’amelio have been facing backlash for their disregard for COVID regulations.

Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor

With both influencers and regular people disregarding the pandemic guidelines, many have opinions on the standards that prominent figures should be held to regarding their actions.

It is important to consider the difference in influence between these two groups of people. Though it is important that everyone follows regulations, it is especially important that those with a large audience follow them. With the whole world watching their every move, it is crucial that influencers are making logical decisions, as their followers are likely to mimic them. Any disregard for regulations by them will reflect on the general public.

Influencers like Charli D’amelio, Nikita Dragun and the Kardashians have all been scrutinized by the media due to their ignorance during this pandemic. However, is this concern justified? 

People neglect to consider the power that these influencers truly hold. Though they are still regular people, they do not always live a typical life: money and fame can easily protect them from backlash. 

When D’amelio and her friends went to the Bahamas for vacation, they received a great deal of hate for traveling during a pandemic. These influencers tried to hide this vacation, however, the news spread quickly. 

Much of the general public traveled during the pandemic, which should still not be excused, but the circumstances are different with influencers. The reach that these influencers have is incomparable to the reach that any normal person would have. Their fans from all over the world idolize them and watching them go on vacation, clearly being ignorant towards guidelines can easily influence others to do the same.

Similarly, both Dragun and the Kardashians have thrown massive parties that are a clear danger during the pandemic. After they were inevitably faced with backlash, they claimed that every party attendee was tested before coming. 

While this does increase the safety of the event itself, it is highly tone deaf. Additionally, often these tests are rapid tests that are more inaccurate. Even though they have the resources to acquire enough tests for all of their invitees, it is a waste when those tests could be going to those in need. 

Junior Jayne Abraham believes influencers must be held accountable for their actions. “Accountability is important. These influencers know how much they are idolized yet continue to disregard the effect their dangerous behaviors have on their young fans. Influencers know better, and they should do better,” she stated. 

Additionally, with the wealth that these influencers have, they have the luxury to be safe and not have to worry about their financial situation as much as others. Many people have to deal with the repercussions of losing their jobs or having to work less; this financial hit is detrimental to so many people. 

Junior Claire Horsfield expressed her disdain for the actions of influencers. “I think they should be held more accountable because they set an example for a lot of people, especially children who are very impressionable. They have the money and resources to take the precautions they need to,” Horsfield commented. 

The pandemic is impacting society in various ways, but the disparity in its effects on the wealthy versus the rest of the population have become glaringly obvious – and this is no coincidence. This disparity is seen beyond the pandemic in many facets of society. In a world that is run by money, those who hold the power are those who are wealthy. 

Abraham also explained her disappointment at the negative influence that the more privileged have. “Influencers have the means to take the necessary precautions regarding the virus, but they don’t. Not only do they disregard the detrimental impact of their actions, but they do it in the public eye, for often young and impressionable fans to see,” she continued. 

The safety of the population is partially dependent on these influencers. Their blatant disregard for COVID-19 regulations and justifications for their actions have negative effects on the remainder of the population, while they remain scott-free.