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Laura Brown

Freshman Celia Brown is a talented artist who has done many drawings. She also designed the front cover of an issue of the Spartan Shield print.

Celia Brown

Freshman Celia Brown has been fond of drawing since the beginning of her childhood. When her parents enrolled her for art lessons with Patricia Beréskin, owner of the Beréskin Gallery and Art Academy, Brown uncovered her talent.

Brown is involved in many other activities in school, but she is well-known for her drawing skills. Being one of the first freshmen to draw a cover for the Spartan Shield print, her skills are recognized among many. 

Brown’s inspiration to draw came from her grandmother, who introduced her to the world of art. She loved it because there was not a specific way to pursue art. “When I was first learning how to draw, [my grandmother] told me that art wasn’t supposed to be perfect because then it would look like a photograph and be boring,” Brown said. To this day, she continues to enjoy painting with her grandmother.

Brown currently takes lessons at the Beréskin Gallery and Art Academy. The Gallery displays art from members of the community. Here, there are also studios where people can come and watch artists create their masterpieces. Additionally, there are classes for artistic students like Brown to learn how to sharpen their art skills.

Brown has been drawing and painting since first grade and her collection of artwork is continually evolving. She draws real life objects, animals and abstract art. Brown’s favorite type of art is pencil and pastel drawings, but she is also skilled in watercolor painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, and charcoal. “[Beréskin’s] classes really immerse us in all types of mediums,” Brown said.

Brown is most proud of her pencil drawings. She is especially fond of drawing animals because of the ability to draw their different emotions. 

Brown hopes to expand her depth in the art world by focusing on different types of art. “I want to take additional art classes to learn more about oil painting and get better at pastel,” she shared.

As of now, Brown does not take any art classes at the high school but would like to so that she can start competing. So far, she has enjoyed drawing as a hobby, but she is now ready to explore the world of competition.

Currently, Brown does not plan to pursue a job in art. “I love doing art but I think that if I did it as a job it would become work for me and it wouldn’t be as enjoyable,” she commented. Still, Brown hopes to keep art as an important part of her life.


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