Sculpting the future: The growth of 3D art at PV


Laci Roberts

Alex Medenciy holding her bobble head she created with her 3D Art and Design One classes.

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor

While PV boasts several art classes, one of the many that has risen in popularity among students is 3D Art and Design One. For many students, this class is an opportunity to enter the ceramics world as it requires little experience.

In this course students learn the basic skills of ceramics such as glazing, and various hand building techniques. These skills are taught through engaging projects like creating a bobble head out of clay. 

This class is not lecture based. Students learn through hands-on experience growing their creativity and skills each step of the process. Learning and experimenting is promoted in the learning environment created in this course. 

Alex Medenciy, who teaches the class, shed light on the reasons why she recommends taking 3D Art and Design One. “This class is a hands-on process and it breaks up your normal workday. This course flows from your creativity,” she explained. “You can learn hands-on skills and make something that you can keep forever.”

However, this course provides more than just art skills. “[The class] challenges students and helps them work through productive struggles. In other classes, you can get penalized for not having the right answer. In ceramics, the only way to learn is to fail,” Medenciy said.

Senior Rachel Schwarz, who is currently taking the class, explained why she loves it. “I like 3D Art One because as a senior I need time to unwind and have a little bit of creative fun throughout my day. It is a great way to relieve pressure from the stress of school,” she explained.

The path of ceramics does not stop there, but rather there are several opportunities to continue honing the craft. After 3D One, students can take 3D Art and Design Two. This course continues on the base of skills learned in 3D One.  

Then students can continue their ceramic journey in AP3D, a newer class to PV. In this class students get the opportunity to create a portfolio to submit to the College Board for grading.

3D Art and Design One is a fundamental class to start anyone’s ceramic journey or just to have a creative break in the day.