The holiday season: The best time to shop small


Chloe Isbell

A popular local business, Mezzanine Boutique, is located in the Village of East Davenport.

Chloe Isbell, Photo Mangager

The holiday season is a time for shopping and spreading joy. Many people spend time at their local malls and travel out of their city to shop at big-name stores like American Eagle, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Urban Outfitters and many more. 

Despite the popularity of these big-name stores, shopping locally has many benefits including stimulation of the local economy. But considering the size difference, small, local businesses are often overlooked due to the lack of media attention. Small businesses advertise through social media accounts, but it is rare to see their ads on TV or social media. 

People associate small businesses with higher costs and fewer sales. To combat this widely held belief, small businesses such as Mezzanine Boutique, located in the Village of East Davenport, do their part in making prices affordable. 

Boutique owner Nicole Wessel prides herself on the products offered at Mezzanine Boutique. On top of that, she is more than proud of the unique experience customers can find at small businesses. “There is so much freedom and creativity in a small business,” Wessel said. “Big corporations tend to be teams of buyers that are picking out items ultimately to hit a goal/trend, where we are picking out items that we think our customers will love.”

Shopping small also helps support the local community and economy. An article from The New York Times explained, “Three times more money returns to the local economy when you shop locally while eating at locally-owned restaurants brings in two times more money.”

The Quad Cities is home to many small businesses ranging from coffee shops to clothing stores to restaurants. There are many other ways to support local businesses besides shopping at them. 

As mentioned before, many small businesses struggle to advertise their products outside of social media. That being said, people can support local businesses without spending money but by simply visiting their social media accounts and sharing their content. 

Consumers may find that small businesses have more expensive items. But oftentimes, this connects back to these businesses using ethical and sustainable resources. “I think that the products that are made and are shipping from within the USA do tend to be a little bit more expensive but yes that does connect to the ethicality of small business and also the quality of the product that you are getting,” Wessel said. 

For a sustainable shopping trip that supports the local economy and creates new jobs, shop small businesses like Mezzanine Boutique to fill shopping needs. Shopping often creates hunger, so do not forget about the local food and drink businesses like The Coffee House or the 11th Street Precinct. 

This holiday season, be sure to make conscious buying decisions by shopping small.