Manifestation: A new spiritual phenomenon among students


Sidney Brockmann

It is common for people to use a journal to write down their manifestations.

Sidney Brockmann, Social Media Manager

Speaking, thinking and visualizing one’s dreams into existence is an idea that has recently exploded into mainstream culture as it has been highly promoted on many different social media platforms. The accessibility of social media has aided in the growth of spirituality and more specifically the idea of manifestation.

The Good Trade described manifestation as transforming one’s ideas into reality. This comes through visualization, positive thinking and the belief that the universe has the power to respond to one’s thoughts and affirmations. Manifestation helps individuals discover themselves and what they want from the universe on a much deeper level. 

Influencers of different platforms have begun to openly support the idea as they share the value they have found in practicing manifestation; they also explain to their followers how they too can practice manifestation in their own lives. The empowerment of spiritual ideas has inspired many others to explore for themselves, including students at PV.

“I found out about manifestation on TikTok and my friends who talked about it so I tried to practice manifestation,” junior Lelia Assadi said. “If I think I can’t achieve or obtain something I just think about it in a positive way. By having those positive manifestations, I feel like more things will work out for me.”

Junior Caitlynn Burke also discovered manifestation on social media as well as on TV and through her friends. “I practice manifestation all alone, specifically when I’m most relaxed or at peace. With crystals, I write down affirmations and think of the things I desire or hope for,” Burke said. 

She has found success through manifesting and encourages others to try it out. “Whether I want to get a certain grade on a test, or even minimize my stress, manifesting has truly helped my mental health a lot as I’ve achieved so many things I never expected and even pulled amazing things into my life,” Burke said. “There’s literally no downside to manifesting, so I think that everyone should try it sometime.” 

Like Burke, many young people learned about manifestation via social media. Although social media is constantly critiqued for the many negative effects it can have on people’s mental health, it is important that the inspiration it can bring to people is also highlighted. By sharing their own personal journeys of self-growth, people can provide guidance to others in need.

Various social media platforms have inspired young people to explore their spirituality similarly to how Assadi and Burke have. So next time you really need an A on a test or simply want to maintain positive energy in your life, it does not hurt to try manifestation.