Dorm room essentials

Things every new college student needs to make their room rock

Cristina Gunther, Staff Contributor

With the start of 2017, it’s pretty exhilarating for some seniors to wrap their heads around the fact that later this year they will not be living at home, but instead in a college dorm. It’s a bittersweet transition, especially since living in just one room will definitely take some getting used to. However, with just a few essentials, you can transform a drab dorm room into a perfect living and learning, homey atmosphere, and it’s never too early to start shopping. Here are a few essentials that will definitely make your dorm room pop.

1.) Tapestries.

Ditch those boring white walls! Bring your room to life with walls filled with patterns, murals, or just about anything your heart desires. Because tapestries are large, thin sheets of cloth, they easily cover entire walls and decorate your room without requiring heavy hardware to keep up. Tapestries are easy to find, highly affordable, and come in many different patterns, suit to fit even the pickiest of people.

2.) Bed tent

While living amongst your friends may seem like a dream come true right now, we all have times where we want our privacy, especially when it comes to sleeping. Sometimes, you just want to retreat to your own bubble. In a dorm room with a roommate however, that is hard to do, especially if your roommate has other friends in the room. This is where a collapsible bed tent comes in handy. It works, literally, like a tent that covers your bed and allows you to slumber in privacy. They’re perfect for someone who just can’t get to sleep with distractions in the room.

3.) Plastic storage drawers

We all have a lot of stuff, whether we’d like to admit it or not. Without proper storage and organization, rooms can become cluttered very quickly. A good and cheap way to keep things you need but don’t necessarily use everyday (such as shoes, makeup, and out-of-season clothes) out of sight is by storing them in plastic storage drawers. Plastic storage drawers are nice because they come in multiple sizes and easily store lots of things while fitting into tight nooks that otherwise would’ve just been wasted space.

4.) Charging stations/extension cords

We all have phones, and all of our phones need charging. For many, a bedside outlet is a preference at home, but in a dorm room with bunk beds, simply plugging your phone in right next to your bedside will most likely not work anymore. A heavy duty extension cord works great to take your phone charger up to your bedside, but for those who prefer something a little fancier, there are many charging stations out there that will make your bedside more functional. Shop around and see what products there are to keep you (and your phone) happy at night.

5.) Alternate lighting

Most dorm rooms come with built in lighting that is fluorescent and, quite honestly, reminiscent of a school classroom or a public bathroom. If you’re not a fan of this type of lighting, or if it doesn’t feel homey enough to you, it is a good idea to bring a few lamps of your own. Tall floor lamps can illuminate an entire room while barely taking up much space at all.

6.) A Keurig machine

Depending on whether your dorm allows it, and whether you’re a fan of hot drinks, a Keurig machine is the most perfect, easy, and convenient way to brew single cups of coffee, hot cocoa, tea and more. It’s perfect for a dorm room, and requires minimal cleaning and maintenance when compared to a traditional coffee maker.

Students at PV also have their own dorm room must-haves.

“Something to keep your clothes in, like a hamper,” says senior Gabby Graham-LeGare.

“Collapsible laundry totes and a mini garment steamer,” says senior Rachael Souhrada. “The collapsable tote is useful for both storing clothes and carrying them to the laundry area. Also, you don’t want to bring an ironing board and an iron to your dorm. They’re going to waste space. So you want something small, like a mini garment steamer. You have to remember that dorm rooms are small and there isn’t a lot a space to go around, especially between two people.”

For more college dorm ideas, watch the super cute Popsugar Girl Guide Youtube video down below.