Never Truly Away: Relationships in Today’s Society

Quinn Russell, Design Manager

Relationships in today’s society are completely different than what they were 20 years ago. 

Many things factor into relationships and the advancements of technology have changed the ways people interact. How has 24/7 communication, social media, and the infamous hookup culture changed the way people communicate and trust in relationships?

This generation’s teenagers have to learn how to navigate these things to have successful romantic relationships. But will they ever be able to have space due to these technological advancements? 

Technology made it easier to communicate with others. People can talk to anyone at any time. However, the constant electronic connection, especially when it comes to having a romantic partner, can cause anxiety.

But, to make that communication healthy, setting boundaries needs to be a priority. Senior Alexa Schneider, who is currently in an ongoing relationship shares these sentiments.  “We were able to set boundaries with each other but at first, I felt like we always needed to be texting.” She commented. 

Schneider also mentioned that the increased communication is sometimes too much, “I feel like sometimes we are too connected because I feel responsible to be texting him all the time but at the same time he feels the same way.” Feeling obligated to constantly be connected can be exhausting. Working together to set ground rules with the person in a relationship can be beneficial and strengthen the relationship rather than accidentally tearing it apart. 

In addition to text messaging, social media also plays a big part in relationships. People often go onto Instagram and scroll through each post on their feed day and night, users see posts,   including ones about others’ relationships.

 Evidence states that women who are single and looking for a partner are more likely to report that they feel worse about their dating life compared to men. The ratio being 40% of women and 28% of men. Social media paints a picture of perfect relationships and a perfect world, leaving many to doubt their own relationships.

Ryan Doyle, a senior at Pleasant Valley reports, “I think social media has some benefits but I think that I have been very lucky with social media not destroying my relationship. I have seen it happen with other people so for that reason, I think it’s hard for you and your partner to fully agree on those things.” This may be an uncomfortable conversation at first, but it may change the way couples communicate and learn to trust each other. 

Are people ever truly away? 

In short, people never are truly away. But, boundaries must be set to ensure each person is comfortable and not worried about some person on their significant others Instagram. Constant text messaging is potentially bad for relationships. Including if people do not set boundaries.

In a day and age where so much information is at our fingertips, people need to be disciplined about taking time away from it in order to be able to process it all. Time away to think. To better process the information and learn to trust one another. And, one thing that has not changed is that healthy communication is key to healthy relationships.