The Future of Education

Ryan Harper, Copy Editor

Betsy DeVos is currently Donald Trump’s nomination for the head of the United States Department of Education. She is a billionaire and has bought her way to the position she currently holds. Her ideas are not backed up by facts, but she is also not trained for the position of Secretary of Education. Her inexperience and lack of good policies are not the only reasons she is not fit to have this new power. She also holds stocks in companies associated with education. This certainly presents a conflict of interest in the eyes of many who oppose her nomination for this important position.

Many people, especially public educators, are scared of what might happen if DeVos ends up being elected as the Secretary of Education. Kevin Gaffney, English teacher at Pleasant Valley, said, “She is very dangerous. She has no real policies. She has no experience in public education at all.”

DeVos’ appointment to her position has been delayed “because it is very controversial. Some of her paperwork isn’t done. There are some concerns with ethical issues with her stocks in companies that education might use,” comments Gaffney. Cari McDonald, librarian at Pleasant Valley, adds, “The most glaring thing is her lack of experience. It is a definite red flag.”

The determination DeVos has shown towards giving pro-choice options to people looking at possible schools to send their kids is fruitless. Mcdonald says, “What concerns me most is her attachment to the charter school movement. We need to work on the public schools we have and not explore options proven to be unsuccessful. Her overall inexperience with education is a concern too.”

Looking at DeVos as a possible candidate for this position should frighten a lot of people. She is not working for the schools that we have now like she should be. President Donald Trump needs to look at appointing someone else as the Secretary of Education if he wants to reform education in America for the better.