Why the Mueller report is important


Gerd Altmann via pixabay

House Democrats announced their plans for an impeachment inquiry against President Trump regarding his involvement in a scandal with the Ukraine.

Trevor Glaum, Business Manager

Special Counsel Robert Mueller released his final investigation report deeming President Trump to be innocent of all criminal activity. The report released his findings regarding the President and many of his associates.

The biggest question was the obstruction charges and the lies told by many people close to the President. If he was innocent, why did they all lie? The report did confirm the lack of honesty and integrity the Trump Administration showed throughout the course of the investigation.

Mueller concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to link the President to any criminal activity. He did find evidence that Michael Cohen “provided false testimony” to Congress and that he was instructed to keep his statements direct and strictly on topic. “[The investigation did] not establish that the President directed or aided Cohen’s false testimony,” wrote Mueller.

Another important part of the investigation was rumors about Russia and President Trump’s connections. Evidence was released clearing Michael Cohen from meeting with the Russians during the campaign which supports the statements President Trump has made. Mueller’s report also stated that incriminating material allegedly owned by Russian corporations was falsified or completely fake.

The report does not clear the President of wrongdoing, but it simply states a lack of evidence to prove such events. Further investigations may follow, but it is likely Democrats will have to wait patiently until the 2020 election.

Having a president who is not proven innocent should be a concern to the American people regardless of political affiliation. Democrats don’t want to impeach President Trump because if they succeed, Vice President Mike Pence will become the new President.

Pence has a long history of success in promoting and executing his agenda –something Democrats fear. Regardless of Pence’s stances on many key issues, the integrity of the Oval Office must be preserved. If Democrats cannot support that, they are no more honest than the Trump Administration thus far.

The Mueller report also demonstrates the decline in integrity and moral standards in our government―especially in the Oval Office. The report exposed the Obama administration’s knowledge of Russian interference going back to 2014. Obama chose to do nothing in an effort to preserve the Iran nuclear agreement. He once again demonstrated his ineffectiveness and failure to execute a high moral standard.

The President of the United States should be held to a standard of honesty, and members of Congress should act when that standard is not met. Deciding not to impeach President Trump because success would result in a political loss is not a valid reason to allow dishonesty to corrupt our government. As 2020 approaches, voting for an honest candidate is the best way to support a traditional, just, and upright method of governing.