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Kaitlyn Weeks poses for a photo with flowers while hanging out with her friends.

Chapter 65: Kaitlyn Weeks

Junior Kaitlyn Weeks is an animal-loving, family-oriented student whose past experiences have shown can show just how difficult life can be for everyone.

Pets have always been a huge part of Weeks’ life. Weeks finds joy in taking care of her pets and providing them with her affection. She has a pug named Melvin and a cat named Clover, but her mom has a multitude of animals as well, creating an energetic environment.

Kaitlyn Weeks

Along with her love of animals, Weeks also obtains a genuine love for helping others. She hopes to pursue a medical career in her future. Though she doesn’t know much about the field, she hopes to take classes at the high school to confirm her interest in medicine.

In her free time, Weeks loves to spend time with her boyfriend and mom. She loves to play horror video games like Last of Us, the Resident Evil series, and more.

Unfortunately, throughout her life, Weeks has had to deal with lung issues. With each test, only inconclusive results are given back. In turn, she became easily susceptible to sicknesses.

Just this year, Weeks contracted walking pneumonia. For over two months, she was bedridden and unable to attend school or continue learning. The medication necessary to get rid of the illness made her weak too.

Astoundingly, Weeks has held a phenomenal mindset throughout this entire experience and has continued to stay positive. Unlike many others, she stayed strong through a difficult time in her life. She did not let her unfortunate circumstances get to her but rather she came back to school stronger than ever.

Her math teacher, Nikki Pitcher spoke of Weeks in high regard. “She is a hard-working student that does well in school.” said Pitcher. Weeks was able to quickly recover from all the days she missed. “After missing 2 months of school, Kaitlyn was still able to catch up with the work that was going on in class.“

“We don’t have to be friends, but if you need someone, I’m always up to listen,” said Weeks when asked what she wanted others to know about her. Weeks’ genuine interest in others well-being and personal drive is admirable and creates a positive environment at PV, one that should be echoed by the whole school.

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