Chapter 63: Alexa Otterson


Lauren Petersen

Alexa Otterson, posing for her senior graduation portrait.

Azariah Courtney, Editor in Chief

Alexa Otterson is a senior student at Pleasant Valley High School. She has been in the district since she was in kindergarten.

When she isn’t in school, Otterson enjoys spending time with her friends. One of her favorite activities to do with her friends is to simply drive around, with music playing loudly in the car, enjoying each other’s company.

Otterson also values the time that she spends with her family; she says she especially enjoys going shopping with her grandmother.

On top of her human family, Otterson’s pets are also a big part of her life. She enjoys playing Pets are part of Otterson’s family, and she enjoys playing with her two dogs: Chopper and Bella. Chopper is a red nose pitbull, and Bella is a bully pit who is going deaf.

When she is not spending time with friends and family, Otterson loves softball. In the summer, she enjoys both watching and playing the sport.

“The most enjoyable part about softball is being able to be outside during the nice summer weather,” Otterson saidstates. “It is also really cool to be able to make friends from other schools outside of Pleasant Valley [through playing softball] and create bonds with them.”

Although she loves the sport, Otterson can get frustrated with other teammates if she feels they are not putting in enough effort. She can be a very competitive person, especially in regards to something she is passionate about.

After high school is over, Otterson plans to move to South Carolina and attend the University of South Carolina.

College is a place for discovery, and this is something Otterson is well aware of. Even though she is planning on moving away from Pleasant Valley, she is excited to discover new passions and continue to work in the education system in the future.

At the University of South Carolina, Otterson plans to become an elementary teacher; however, she has yet to decide which specific grade she wishes to teach.

When thinking about college in the future, Otterson said, “The thing that I’m most excited for in college is to meet new friends and more people who are interested in the same occupation as I am.”

Even though she is ecstatic entering this new chapter of her life, Otterson will always remember being a student at Pleasant Valley. “I’m going to miss being with all the people I’ve grown up with because we’re all going our separate ways to start our futures,” stated Otterson.