PV’s student leaders plan for another successful year


Elizabeth Pischke

The 2018-2019 Spartan Assembly celebrates their last meeting of the year.

Natalie Murphy, News editor

The new 2019-2020 Spartan Assembly welcomed its new members for their first meeting on Tuesday, May 22 to begin discussion of the activities for the fall.

The fall is full of numerous events put on by Spartan Assembly. Activities range from the open house before school, to the kick off assembly, to the majority of the festivities during Homecoming. Some of these events can be quite large, and these fellow students plan it all themselves.

Ingrid Hoffman, a sophomore and executive team member for the next school year, explained how Spartan Assembly combats the tight schedule at the beginning of the year. “We start planning and prepping for Homecoming events right now and meet with committees over the summer,” Hoffman said.

Though these activities are crucial to the climate of the first part of the school year, it proves difficult with Homecoming so early and close to the Quad City Student Hunger Drive.

Hoffman continued, “We focus on Homecoming first while keeping SHD in mind, but once Homecoming is over, we go into full Hunger Drive mode. We have events that overlap, like Fill the Truck, but we keep our focuses separate. This year we have a month between the end of Homecoming and start of SHD which gives us time to prep and hype it up.”

During the Student Hunger Drive and Homecoming, Spartan Assembly is split into several committees with each one having one of the five executive team members as the head of the committee. This year’s executive team consists of four incoming juniors and one senior, Aabha Joshi, who is a returning executive team member.

Joshi will serve as a leader among the executives next year because of her experience. “I will guide the new executives through their roles and be a person they can come to for help and questions.”

As a veteran member of Spartan Assembly, she has goals to keep the school in its current direction. “We hope to continue the success we had last year. Also, to get the school involved in more events and encourage a variety of people to participate” said Joshi.

The tireless efforts of the entire Assembly are sure to bring successful events and fundraisers to the Pleasant Valley for the 2019-2020 school year. Most of their success with be thanks to the cooperation of new and returning members.