The never-ending battle of freedom of the press



Freedom of the press is one of the things protected by the Constitution.

Sam Rothbardt, Social Media Manager

Reported by the Courthouse News Service, Former Davenport city administrator Craig Malin is suing the Quad City Times for reportedly publishing articles that caused Malin to lose his position by affecting his contract. 

One of the alleged articles that led to his termination centered around how the mayor called for more funding for a casino. Malin did not want the city of Davenport to spend money on the lot on which the casino would be built as reported by the Quad City Times. He claimed this was the reason that his contract was not negotiated further, and Malin eventually lost his position. The Quad City Times reported on this case and Malin said the information was false. 

The allegations have troubled many advocates of the first amendment as they express their support for the Quad City Times. Experts from the Press Freedom think this case is concerning because courts do not let people make claims of this magnitude. Cases such as this one go against the First Amendment right to the press.

Former Quad City Times Journalist Tory Brecht said, “The media has to report true facts even if there is a fear of backlash. The First Amendment is there to protect us, so reporters should not be scared to report anything.” Freedom of the press is used to protect the rights of journalists so they are able to freely report accurate information no matter the effect.  

The First Amendment protects the rights of the press for any media outlet to report on any news. Newspapers have assigned themselves a duty to report any news whether it helps or hurts the public. Freedom of the Press was put in place to allow citizens to hear accurate news, but also to protect those organizations that release controversial statements that might receive backlash for a certain piece. 

Senior Aabha Joshi said, “It’s really important to me that the news I read is reliable. I trust the media to tell me the truth.” Reporting accurate facts can also effect the reader. Reporting false information can hurt the credibility of any publication or media outlet. 

The Spartan Shield is no stranger to criticism, however the freedom of the press ensures and protects its right to publish news that is factual.