Spartans take on Greek life


Lexi Neal

PV alumni, Caroline Carlson and Lexi Neal, celebrate Bid Day at their sorority Gamma Phi Beta.

Caitlin Crome, Social Media Manager

Many PV graduates, now college freshmen, recently experienced what some say are among the craziest experiences of their college career: rush week.

Sorority recruitment at the Iowa state schools took place from Sept. 27 through Oct. 7 at the University of Iowa, Aug. 16-22 at Iowa State University and Sept. 3-15 at the University of Northern Iowa. Hundreds of freshman girls gathered in hopes of finding life long friends and a sorority house to call home.

PV alum, Caroline Carlson, a University of Iowa freshman, went into recruitment week with both excitement and hesitation. “Rush week was nothing like what I expected,” said Carlson. “It was a very stressful two weekends but all well worth it in the end because I got to meet some of my best friends.”

University of Iowa sororities have 14 houses from which students can choose to rush. With houses ranging in size and personality, there is a place for everyone. Carlson mentioned, “There are really no popular sororities, depending on where you see yourself is where you will gravitate towards.”

PV alumni, Amy Showers, who is also a University of Iowa freshman added, “All of the sororities are so different–so the ‘popular house’ is different for every person.”

For both girls, their reasons for deciding to rush were similar. “I heard so many great things about it so I had to give it a try,” said Carlson. Making a similar claim, Showers added, “I decided to rush so I could meet new people.”

Luckily, Carlson and Showers both found their future homes. Carlson joined Gamma Phi Beta and Showers is now a part of Chi Omega. “Right as I walked into the house, I knew this would be my future home and the girls would be my friends to last a lifetime,” said Carlson. 

From bad weather to 5 a.m. wake up calls, recruitment week was definitely not all glitz and glam. “We had 12 hour long days,” added Carlson. “But it wasn’t that bad because you were meeting and hanging out with lots of new people.” Showers mentioned, “Running to the houses in the rain was definitely the worst part.”

But from the bad comes what new recruits conclude is the good. “Bid day was definitely the most exciting day,” said Showers. “The best part of all was opening our bids with each other and finding our future homes,” agreed Carlson. 

As college begins to creep closer for the seniors, the idea of rushing becomes one many will consider. Carlson said, “Even if you are unsure about joining Greek life, do it. You meet so many new girls and get to find your future homes on campus.”

“Just go into the experience with an open mind and be yourself,” Showers said. 

From this advice, both girls are certain anyone can have a great experience and find a sorority that is perfect for them.