Leakage of the new tower: the effects brought to the classroom and students


Evan Terronez

The damage done to Terronez’s classroom on Tuesday morning.

Eesha Lawande, Copy Editor

On Tuesday morning multiple classrooms in the new tower were not in use due to the severe leaking from the ceilings of the building.

Students and staff were surprised to witness this kind of damage in the newest addition as it was just opened less than a year ago. Although there are not many classes in the new addition of the school, there were some affected by the damage.

The American Sign Language(ASL) room is one classroom which was affected by the leakage. Senior Madeline Schadler said students came to class on Tuesday and were shocked. “We had to switch rooms, which made it confusing for all students in the class because we didn’t know where to go,” she said.

Because the leakage happened so unexpectedly and suddenly, Evan Terronez, the ASL teacher, had all his classroom plans in the original room. “We didn’t have the projector, which made it hard, but I came up with plans for the class on the spot,” he said.

The damage done was extreme as the classroom floor was flooded, but Terronez was not affected by it because he came prepared on what to do in class. Even though he was not able to use the projector, he had review games and other things planned for his students to do.

This destruction to the classroom not only adjusted the scheduling of the students but also that of the teachers. “We didn’t have much to do in class because everything was in the other room,” Schadler said. 

Faculty and students were told the cause of leaking from the ceiling was from the pipes of the building bursting. Even if the damage was severe, immediate help from the administration and the custodians allowed Terronez to get his room back on Wednesday.

This is one of the many up-keepings the school has faced this year. Other recent issues include the bells malfunctioning and issues with the men’s bathroom. 

Fortunately enough, the turnaround time from the initial leak to the reopening of the classrooms was quick. While the leakage from the pipes only affected certain classes for one day, its damage changed the classroom plans and confused many students.