Students look forward to relaxing vacations over the extended winter break


Erica Heiselman

Garrett Heiselman (left) and Erica Heiselman (right) enjoy their winter break in Longmont, Colorado.

Cienna Pangan, Photo Manager

Winter break is an opportunity for many students to take time off from their busy school schedules and relax. While some students stay at home over break, others spend their holidays on faraway vacations. 

Traveling over winter break is not a new trend for PV students, but in recent years, the shortened break of ten days off has made it difficult for PV families to plan holiday vacations. This year, school districts in the area are returning to a two-week winter break, allowing students’ families to plan extended vacations. 

Senior Lena Ahrens is planning on traveling to Sanibel Island, Florida. Her family has made a tradition out of visiting Ahrens’s great grandmother there every winter break. “I am really looking forward to going to Florida because we have an even longer break this year, so my family and I will have even more time to spend together and do fun things,” she said. 

One popular vacation spot for PV students over winter break is Colorado. There, many families spend time hiking, snowboarding or simply enjoying the scenic landscape. Senior Bilal Ahmed is looking forward to improving his snowboarding skills with his family. “We love to head out and go explore and do new things so we can be closer as a family unit,” he said. “It just helps us bond where we don’t have to worry about much homework or stress.” 

Junior Erica Heiselman is traveling to Colorado as well, but her holiday plans are centered around family traditions. “My family in Colorado does ‘white elephant’ every year, so we are bringing gifts for that exchange,” she said. She is excited to spend time with her cousins and carry on their holiday traditions.

The long winter break also allows students to spend time with out-of-state relatives who might not get the same amount of days off for the holidays. Senior Katie Gropel plans to visit her cousins in Arizona. “We like to take vacations instead of staying at home because we have family in Arizona and we like to do our Christmas as one big shabang,” she said.

Many PV students have formed family traditions by traveling over winter break, and the extended time off this year allows for more families to plan trips and spend time together.