Popeyes chicken sandwich bestows fulfillment of flavor

Jackson Schou, Copy Editor

A new flavor is back in town with the return of the Popeyes original chicken sandwich—a product that’s been missed over the past couple of months . 

The sandwich gained national attention when a heated debate was born surrounding its competition with the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. However, shortly after this debate was sprung, Popeyes announced a shortage of their product, pronouncing the sandwich dead indefinitely. 

In late October, Popeyes announced the return of its sandwich with two words: “I’m back.” The sandwich became available to customers again on Sunday, Nov. 3, and sales have been extraordinary; locations are reporting up to four times greater sales than average and understandably so. The sandwich is a work of art. 

Customers have been raving over the sandwich in a variety of ways—some of which aren’t so pleasant. A man in Maryland was stabbed to death for supposedly cutting another man in line; another California woman destroyed her car in an effort to get in a drive thru line. The hype over the sandwich has brought violence to customers and workers, so why is this chicken sandwich so important to people? 

It’s an experience. 

The first time someone has a Popeyes chicken sandwich, they become changed. Among the birth of a son or daughter, high school graduation and one’s wedding day is the first bite of a Popeyes chicken sandwich. It’s crisp yet smooth, solid yet tender, humble yet powerful; each bite screams for another. 

There is a certain X-Factor which sets the Popeyes sandwich apart from Chick-fil-A or any other fast food restaurant. 

There is a difference in taste, feel and overall experience between the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich and the Popeyes chicken sandwich. Some might find the experience Chick-fil-A offers more preferable; they have unbeatable customer service and a solid reputation of excellent chicken. 

On the other hand, Popeyes offers more authenticity. Chick-fil-A is original, but Popeyes provides a certain level of unfamiliarity that comes with being unique. Each fast food chain delivers a bona fide chicken sandwich, but personal preference is the only real determinant over which is the best. 

Was the shortage of Popeyes sandwiches a marketing scheme? Is the sandwich overhyped? 

Maybe it was a marketing scheme, but the chicken sandwich is not overhyped. It is a genuinely powerful experience everyone should try at least once. Popeyes has done something great with their chicken sandwich which means other fast food restaurants should be taking notes.