Breaking the stigma: School resource officer changes notions on police force


Nate Martell

Senior Nate Martell with Deputy Fah outside of his Scott County police department car on Nov. 24.

Karleigh Nading, Opinion Editor

Perceptions of police officers can often be poor and unpleasant. Those in blue have been equated to pigs in recent years. However, school resource officer (SRO) Deputy Jamey Fah has changed the outlook at PVHS. 

Deputy Fah, the SRO at PVHS for almost two years, is respected by many students for his outgoing nature. Deputy Fah has made close connections with students and continues to encourage them everyday. “Forming relationships with students and staff is one of the most important things I do. I view it as a key to our school safety strategy,” said Fah.

Junior Maddie Smithers expressed how Fah is especially easy to talk to, “Deputy Fah makes everyone in the school feel safe and is always judgement free; it is not like what you see on the news,” said Smithers. 

Stigmas which surround the police force often portray police as cold and looking for trouble. Officers in the media are portrayed as negligent and can be unfavorable to the public eye, but Deputy Fah has transformed the reputation of cops.

Admired by many, the SRO makes all students feel safe and welcome. Students can always see Deputy Fah with a smile on his face.

Senior Nate Martell views Deputy Fah as an exceptional part of the school. “Deputy Fah exemplifies the characteristics of a great SRO. He truly makes an effort to connect with all students. Fah is known for being charismatic and nice,” Martell said. “He excels at his job, and PVHS is lucky to have him.”

The SRO focuses on being approachable and showing a friendly face to students. One way he has shown his dedication to forming connections with students has been his personal stickers that show his welcoming face.

Students can stop into the SRO office and pick up stickers of Deputy Fah, Mojo the therapy dog and other familiar faces from around the school. 

Deputy Fah puts forth his utmost effort in keeping students safe and building relationships with those around him. “When students and staff see I am genuinely invested in the school and the community, I change from being an outsider, and I become a partner. Together we make the school community a place we all want to keep safe and secure,” said Deputy Fah. 

Deputy Fah’s persistence to make this school a safer and a stronger community is appreciated by many. The relationships Deputy Fah forms with students will continue to strengthen the Spartan Community.

Deputy Fah stated, “At the end of the day it is one simple hope that drives me to build relationships the way I do with students: When a student is in crisis, it is my sincere hope they remember all of the things I have done to build relationships with them, and they come to me and seek help.”

Deputy Fah is essential as an SRO and as a mentor. He continues to break the stereotypes of police everyday through his genuine efforts and hard work to keep students safe and feeling welcomed.