Essential oils: New vaping trend?


Spartan Shield Staff

Different types of essential oil vape pens that are used to benefit from aromatherapy.

Ellie Scranton, Student Life Editor

There has been a lot of controversy about the safety of e-cigarettes and how it affects the body, but recently a supposed ‘healthier’ alternative has gained popularity. 

Vaping essential oils has become a trend among those who seek to reap the benefits from essential oils in a different way.  Essential oils are a type of aromatherapy which is said to help manage pain, boost immunity, improve sleep quality, improve digestion, and relieve stress. 

Senior Noel Pearson does not use essential oils on a regular basis, but believes they have benefits. “I have used them (essential oils) in the past to relieve stress or cold symptoms. I think essential oils can help with the little things,” she said.

Many people use a diffuser to diffuse the essential oils into the air. The oils can then be breathed in by those nearby. 

The vape pens contain a combination of essential oils, water and vegetable glycerin. When these substances are heated, they produce a cloud of aromatherapy air. They do not include nicotine, however there are still other risks involved.

Senior Emma Meade understands the risk of putting any type of substances in her body. “I can see why people think it is a healthy alternative but you’re still breathing in foregin substances so it can’t be great for your health,” she said. 

Some of the side effects to vaping essential oils may include: coughing, aggravation of asthma, itching or swelling of the throat. There has not been enough research done to determine the possible benefits from vaping essential oils therefore, there are no clear health benefits.

While some may use this as a way to benefit from aromatherapy, others use it as a way to stop consuming nicotine. The essential oil vape pens do not contain any nicotine which makes it an alternative to regular vaping. 

The oils in the vape can create a similar sensation that is similar to the feeling of inhaling nicotine. This mocks the nicotine feeling and allows an easier transition for those trying to quit. 

Different kinds of essential oils create different scents. Black pepper oil tastes the most like nicotine and is the most common essential oil to use when quitting nicotine.

While this may be a good outlet for those trying to quit nicotine, many believe there are less risky ways to do so. “Essential oils could potentially help someone quit smoking, but I think there are more effective ways,” Pearson said.

Vaping essential oils is very new and has not become a huge trend yet and there has not been enough research done to determine the true health risks and benefits. However aromatherapy will continue to make an appearance as a new way of healthy living.