How the coronavirus has messed with students’ circadian rhythms


Spartan Shield Staff

Students finding it harder to be on a “normal” schedule.

Blake Sherman, Photo Manager

With the coronavirus sweeping the globe and students staying home for the quarantine period with students have developed new sleep schedules and waking times.

There are many bad things to be reporting about the world right now, including deaths, and new cases of the coronavirus. However, there seems to be other news reported, positively or not, with other students reporting their sleeping schedule and waking time.

Senior Jose Lara has said, “I’ve been noticing a lot that my wake up time in the morning everyday is the same. Just like how it was in school before spring break, although my wake up time is the same, going to bed at the same time every night is hard for me and often not consistent.” 

Lara and many other students during the quarantine are affecting their sleep times or circadian rhythms. Which is a natural way for everybody’s mind and body to wake up during a specific time in the morning regardless of how late or early that person had gone to bed that night. The struggle to feel “normal” by waking up at the same time and going to bed later or earlier has affected many others’ way of schedule for their sleep.

Senior Matt McBeth has also felt a change. “My sleep schedule has been in all sorts of ways messed up during this quarantine,” he said. “The main problem for me is trying to find [a] routine. I can’t seem to find a normal schedule to go to sleep anymore. The daily routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time has gone out the window.”

A lot of people are confused and stressed about the current situation, not knowing exactly what to do about their sleep so they can try to feel “normal” again and back on schedule. Recommended by experts, The best thing to do is go to sleep and wake up at the same time or even a little later during that morning to ensure a healthy and balanced amount of sleep to move forward toward the day.