Professional athletes take over social media to support the real heros


Alex Morgan

Professional soccer player, Alex Morgan, holds up one of her jerseys with Dr. Cheung’s name taped over hers.

Ellie Scranton, Student Life Editor

For the first time ever, sports across the world are at a halt. Professional athletes have no games, no tournaments and no matches. All they have is training at home without their team. 

However during this time when sports are at a halt, healthcare workers are at their busiest. Many athletes recognize this and have begun supporting healthcare workers in many different ways.

Recently there has been numerous tweets and posts from professional athletes who are honoring a doctor or nurse by writing their name on the back of an old jersey. They are calling it The REAL Heros Project

From the NHL to WNBA to NASCAR, athletes from all over the world and every sport imaginable are participating in this movement to show their support for the people who are working countless hours to care for those affected by COVID-19.

Athletes such as John Cena, Alex Morgan, Fergie Jenkins, Wayne Gretzky, Drew Brees, and hundreds others have already participated in the movement. Many other athletes have also begun this movement, adding the hashtag REAL Heroes to their pictures.

Many are inspired by the athletes recognition of the healthcare workers. Senior RIley Gau believes that their act will inspire others to do the same. “It could inspire others to come up with other ways to recognize health care workers in different ways,” she says.

“Especially with the pandemic going on, without healthcare workers we wouldn’t be able to move forward,” saud Gau.

There is no doubt that the world would not be surviving this pandemic without the hard work from the healthcare workers. They have sacrificed everything to help the world defeat this virus. Senior Megan Gropel believes that they deserve to know we appreciate their sacrifice.

“Healthcare workers are seeing this outbreak head on and are more at risk than the rest of us and we must show we appreciate their sacrifice for keeping us happy and healthy so we are able to eventually do the things we love,” said Gropel.

Although the pandemic is long from being over, it is important to support those fighting it so they know that they are appreciated. Healthcare workers have been taking care of the world during this pandemic and deserve to receive support in return. 

“Their hard work should be showcased no matter what,” stated Gropel.