Quarantine Is Preparing Seniors For The Next Chapter


Ilah Perez-Johnson

Students are beginning to create checklists to get ready for college.

Ilah Perez-Johnson, Sports Editor

After Governor Kim Reynolds announced the closure of schools in Iowa, the class of 2020 is left heartbroken. Seniors are going to have to finish the rest of the best year of their life at home, away from friends and teachers. 

However, while this time is very upsetting, many Pleasant Valley students are staying positive and encouraging others to do the same. 

Seniors are beginning to see signs of adulthood and having to start doing things on their own. Senior Claire Bebow, who will be attending Grand Canyon University next fall, is taking ownership of house chores her parents would normally do. “I’ve started to help cook dinner and be in charge of more house chores,” Bebow said. 

Although these simple household chores may sound easy, it’s these easy and simple chores that are slowly turning into mini lessons for seniors. Having to create a budget for groceries or having to find a job so buying things for college will be less stressful. 

Senior Andrew Doyle, a Central College baseball commit, is doing things also around the house that he wouldn’t normally do. “I’ve been doing more laundry since quarantine which is definitely helping me for college,” Doyle commented. 

This pandemic can be seen as a way to prepare students for college, but for Bebow it isn’t helping out much. “ I have college online classes and they’re nothing like high school ones,” Bebow said. “If anything it’ll make it harder moving away after being so close to my family right now.”

However, Doyle mentioned that this is improving his basic life skills. “It’s helping out with my time management a lot. Having to submit my assignments every weekend and making sure I’m on top of everything is getting easier.”

This quarantine might also have a more positive effect on the college experience and life experiences. “I have more time to do dorm shopping which is really helpful,” Bebow commented. “Also getting closer to my family before moving so far away [Arizona].”

There are also many things Doyle is taking away from this tough time. “I’m learning to not take anything for granted, so I will try to hold onto those college experiences because I won’t be able to go back and change anything,” Doyle said.

While this is certainly an unprecedented time for the world, it can still be a time for growth and preparation. Be safe and enjoy exploring.