How updated pool has affected the girls swimming and diving team


Molly Brockmann

“Pleasant Valley pool shortly after the renovations were finished.”

Jonathan Chiles, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Pleasant Valley pool has had a controversial history regarding renovations and pool length.

Measuring 25 meters, the pool was sufficient for practice, however, it left swimmers at a substantial disadvantage when it came to meets – since, in Iowa, only times swam in 25 yard pools count towards state times, limiting opportunities for swimmers to make state cuts.

 However, this was supposed to change in the summer of 2019 when the pool was originally closed for renovations. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen complications, the pool could not be adjusted for competition length in time for the girls season to start back up. The pool then had to reopen after sitting practically untouched for months. 

This was upsetting for swimmers who had hoped to have a competition length pool for their upcoming seasons. The pool being closed also made things difficult for swimmers trying to stay in shape in the off season. The Piranhas Swim Club had to find other pools to swim at for the summer. This past summer, the pool was closed again as the pool length was adjusted. 

The new blocks that had been promised alongside the length adjustment did not make it in before the pool had to be reopened. They will be implemented at a later date. 

But, not everyone had a negative perspective on the pool before the renovations. Robert Miecznikowski, head coach of the girls team, had an alternative viewpoint on the old pool length. “The 25 meter pool was awkward for meets but good for training,” he said. 

Miecznikowski utilized the longer pool length in training to give his swimmers an extra edge in competition. Despite the loss of that extra length for training, Miecznikowski is very pleased with the pool. “They did a great job with the deck, I’ve never seen such a good job moving things and making them blend,” he commented. “This is an outstanding facility and we are very lucky to have it.” 

Having a competitive length pool this year will change PV’s opportunities for state championship meets. 

Lauren Puthoff, a junior on the girls team and long standing member of the Piranhas, has had a lot of experience with the pool. “Having the pool not be the legal length for meets really decreased our chances of getting state cuts,” she said. “I think the new renovations will really improve PV’s swim seasons. With the pool being legal that means more of our meets will count and give swimmers an opportunity to qualify for state in our own pool.”

The swim program is looking forward to seeing how these new adjustments will shape this season and those to come.