Pleasant Valley junior recovering after car accident


Venkat Nanisetty

Nanisetty’s 2007 Toyota Camry after the accident.

Kelly Brewer, Social Media Manager

Junior Tanisha Nanisetty sustained serious injuries after a car accident on Great River Road (Highway 67) on Sept. 11.

Following days of heavy rain, Nanisetty’s silver 2007 Toyota Camry hydroplaned, causing her to lose control and steer into a mud embankment. In turn, the car flipped multiple times for several hundred feet. She was trapped in her car until law enforcement, medic and the Scott County Sheriff and Sheriff’s Accident Response Team arrived at the scene at 2:40 pm. 

Scott County Officials confirmed Nanisetty was wearing a seatbelt and had “serious, but not life threatening” injuries. Nanisetty’s injuries consist of a broken left wrist, 5 stitches on the face, 3 stitches on her right hand, numerous cuts on the left side of the face and head and internal bruising on various parts of the body. She expects to be fully recovered in about a month.

Nanisetty was alone during the accident, but her close friend, Lillian DeVries, was driving behind her and witnessed the accident. “Emotionally, it was traumatizing for me seeing someone I truly care about in pain,” DeVries said. She’s been there supporting Nanisetty every day since the accident.

Nanisetty’s teachers have been supportive and understanding of this tough time for her. “Many of my teachers have checked up on me to see if I have been doing well, and have told me to continue working as an online student until I am able to come back,” Nanisetty said. She wanted to thank Mr. George and Mrs. Berger for being especially helpful at this time.

Nanisetty is grateful to have received so much love from friends and family. She said, “I have many friends that come over on a daily basis, usually we all just hang out because I am not supposed to leave my house for 2 weeks, but my friends Anna Bolin, Emily Weir, and Lillian DeVries have done so much for me since the accident.” 

Nanisetty considers herself fortunate to be alive and is hoping for a safe and fast recovery. She is excited to get to go out with her friends, but most importantly she can not wait to get a new car and start driving again.

DeVries took away a significant lesson from the accident: “to never take anything for granted and that it’s important to enjoy the small moments while you still have them.” Following her accident, Nanisetty wants to reinforce the importance of wearing a seatbelt while driving as it possibly saved her life.