8 Ways to Keep Up with your Self Care


Ingrid Hofmann

It’s always important to remember self care during these stressful times.

Addi Steele, Photo Manager

Everyone needs self care in their lives, especially when it comes to the stress of high school and daily life. With high school taking off for the 2020-21 school year, the complicated format can cause a lot more stress on students among the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, there are ways to help remind your body it is well-cared for through this stressful time. Self care can help you relax and be ready to take on more challenges everyday. Here are 8 ways to destress using self care:

1-Take a bath

Taking a warm bath is sure to help you relax. You can be creative and pair it with some of your favorite music, or maybe a movie/show on netflix. Try adding a scented bath bomb or some bath salts for an extra calming effect.

2-Take a break

This one is pretty understandable. Your body needs a break with how much stress it goes though with all of your school work and extracurriculars. Just simply take a night off or even just a few hours and do something that you enjoy.


Yoga is known to help you relax and focus on your breathing. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can follow along with. Sometimes it can be difficult, but the pay off is amazing.

4- Go on a run

Running is not for everyone, but it can help you forget the stress and whatever else is on your mind. Try pairing it with a “Pump-Up” playlist from Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube.

5- Make a new playlist

First you need to decide what kind of playlist you want to make. You can do something that hypes you up, calms you down, makes you feel nostalgic, etc. There are multiple different sites you can use to create your playlist. Be creative! 

6- Make or get a smoothie

The fruit and vegetables in a smoothie will definitely leave you feeling refreshed. A smoothie is a delicious way to get nutrients that your body needs into your diet! You can go the route of picking out your own materials and making one yourself, or you can take a drive and buy one. If you’re going to buy one, Fresh Blends is a great choice with many options!

7- Hang out with your friends or family

Sometimes what we need is to be around people that remind us how loved and valued we are. Feeling the love from your friends and family can help you love yourself and remember to take care of yourself through these stress-inducing times.

8- One-on-one pet cuddles

Being around animals can increase your serotonin levels, which is a “feel-good” chemical for your brain. If you don’t have a dog, cat, or other type of furry friend, consider going to an animal shelter to spend some time with the homeless animals there. They also need some loving!